Top Ten Reasons to Kill Off Liberals

Why do liberals exist? Most of them are lazy and want to milk off government.

The Top Ten

1 They are Cultural Marxists

It's like if you don't follow the "liberal mindset" you are labelled as a "bigot"

Liberals have no idea who Karl Marx was and what he was about! If they had any idea exactly what they would be getting America into they would back off and shut up!

Gas all leftist filth

They are marxists in every form. Hate,burn and kill the Marxist scum

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2 They support Political Correctness

Burn leftists

Hang and shot are the best fix for those leftist scum

This one is a joke right? - Evanmb36

No, they don't! It's conservatives who do that 'cause they're uptight.

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3 They support Globalism


Gas the jews

White power

4 They support Feminism

Women are only good for 3 things. Cooking, cleaning, and vagina

Put the breeding stock back in its place, the kitchen

Give 'em enough ghain to reach the kitchen from the bedroom!

5 They support LGBT movement

Get out of your fantasy world of being your own gender. You are either male or female. Grow up

Extermination is the key

Gays are dumb and disgusting

Gas all gays

6 They are for abortion

Kill the left

That means liberals all kill babies.

The imbecility... It proves what cutting budgets from schools (which conservatives have done before) can do to humanity. - Turkeyasylum

Abortion os one of those topics I'm gonna choose to stay away from on the Internet, just because I don't have an opinion on it. - Turkeyasylum

I'd understand if the mother was raped or has her life threatened, but it's unacceptable that just about anyone can kill off a baby just because of some irresponsible choices. - ethanmeinster

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7 They made all marriage legal

Funny thing has proven in so many ways that the Bible is the biggest crock ever, you don't realize that it is a way to govern the people by certain set principles that are supposedly "created" by this so called god. There system then takes the money you "donate to god" and it eventually makes its way to the Vatican. The Vatican controls 64 billion dollars of your money that has been collected over many many years.

Christians should be opposing homosexuality because the bible states that it is a sin, but people are becoming more and more ignorant because of liberal media.

Why does every controversial list get an opposite? It's gonna be just as controversial! - Puga

Kill all gays

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8 They destroy traditional family values

The white liberal is the most dangerous person in America.

Kill all leftists

9 They support sins

Oh, so a politically extremist list comes out, and the obvious solution is to be its polar opposite. Get it together, sir, or madam. I'm just glad you have nothing to support these dumb ideas, because you're on the verge of becoming more stupid than the anti-Conservative equivalent of this list, and that's saying something. - PositronWildhawk

Like the Bible says no man should hold hands with another man, and that God made people the way they are for a reason.

Leftists are the enablers of evil

(Toptenpizza here, I am logging in soon) I apologize for my list, it was politically incorrect (hehe, pun) and I completely understand why people were offended. However, the solution is not to make an opposite list.

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10 We need a world of all conservatives

All of us conservatives respect all opinions. Liberals, the opposite.

We need a world of Nazis the right and the left

Libtards should have libtard ideas, they just need to keep them to themselves. If there are no more values to protect, then why protect any of you? Conserve our values, or we no longer have a country worth fighting for.


The Newcomers

? They can't figure out their gender, so they make one up, and want you to honor and respect "It".

These air head nut jobs need to bend over, look between their legs and figure it out.

Many don't bother, instead they wake up and decided how they "FEEL' that day, and then act out.
Or, what is cool and in vogue--or really is the hot button--and then PRESTO -- That's them!

And even if they are sporting a mustache and Adams apple--GOD help you if you don't address them as "miss".

I believe they are best addressed at the end of my 2nd AMENDMENT RIGHT.

? They will consume themselves!

The Contenders

11 All they do is worship Obama like a god

Liberals demonstrate through their actions that they are sick, mean, arrogant, judgemental, perverted, racists and bigots. Like bullies, narcissists, and psychopaths, they only reflect back them what they accuse.

Boo go is a stupid muzzy he's the devil like Hillary gas them both

And NOW he will no longer be there to let ME pay for your incessant support be it welfare, 8 years of unemployment! You will now have to hear the four letter word you've been avoiding for probably a lifetime.WORK

Obama is a God and should be worshipped as such

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12 They want to abolish the second amendment and disarm all gun owners

They want the guns in order to declaw you.

That way you can't do anything and pose no threat at all, big that we do anything even with guns because we are all to cocked

They believe only the 1% should own guns, and everyone else should be disarmed

13 Liberals milk off of the government

And they're too lazy to get a real job. They need to get off their lazy butts and do something.

Especially the black ones

Yes absolutely! sure, stay a student or on welfare

With WAY to many iligalas in ther ranks

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14 They are huge hypocrites

The white liberal is the most dangerous type-person in America.

They are scum gas all the leftists.

15 Liberals are disrespectful

Liberals are rude, mean, psychopathic, sociopathic, pedophilic, zoophilic, and arrogant. Next thing you know, pedophilia will be legal.

Hang all liberal scum

I can certainly say I am a liberal, but speaking for myself, I don't believe I follow any of those traits (especially pedophilia listed below). - Turkeyasylum

16 They believe in global warming

Super hot here in's summertime!

17 They support Obama

Obama is a racist, narcissist and egocentric tibtard.

Hang obongo

18 So the poor die
19 They are the thought police

They demand everyone agree with them, and should they discover that you do not think "correctly" as they do, even if you keep the thoughts to yourself, they will ruin your life.
Only the very young are spared this fate, but they are usually then sent to re-education camps where they will be told how and what to think.

Everything the liberals like has to be mandatory, and everything they dislike should be banned. This is how the liberals operate.

They are worse than the thought police because they are real

I'm perfectly fine with people being conservative. I DO have a problem with conservatives like you who want to murder liberals. - Turkeyasylum

20 They are staunch anti Americans

Or put another way: "Democrats love perversion, homosexuality, atheism, weakness, drugs and crime but admire Islam and are so stupid in that Islam would actually easily destroy what democrats love."

They admire Islam and hate America yet are so stupid in that that Islam would destroy everything democrats love so much such as their love of perversion, homosexuality, atheism, weakness, drugs and crime.

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