Top Ten Reasons the Koopalings Suck

The koopalings are seven samey counterparts who date back to Super Mario Bros 3. Here are the reasons why they suck.

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1 They're Filler

A fantastic excuse for Nintendo to be lazy. "Boss variety in a Mario adventure game? No. Let's toss in the koopalings and have them do the same garbage of projectile fling and shell spin. Embrace the suck...

Blah, blah, blah, "special names and appearances"... THEY DO THE SAME DAMN THING!

I can't begin to describe my hatred for these seven bastards.

Filling in for bosses of actual surprise and variety is bad.

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2 Laziness

Garbage clones is what they are. They all do the same thing.

The koopalings should just die.

Recycling bosses in the past was acceptable do to technological limitations. Nowadays, the koopaling routine feels outdated.


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3 Lame Bosses

I am never buying another adventure game with the koopalings as bosses.

Horribly predictable with the projectile fling and shell spin nonsense.

The original trailblazers of crappy bosses. Pathetic...

I like them - darthvadern

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4 Their Crazy Fanbase

Their fan base sucks. I think Waluigi's, Rosalina's, and Daisy's would make me gouge out my eyes, they are far worse than the koopalings fan base. But the Koopalings fan base is awful too. They keep asking for the Koopalings probably because they want to see Ludwig and Iggy appear over and over again. I like Ludwig, but STOP USING THE KOOPALINGS. And people complain that Rosalina is overrated. The Koopalings take that cake instead. Then they hate on Bowser Jr because he "replaced the Koopalings" and "stole Ludwig's rightful spot as heir to the throne". At least Bowser Jr has this little thing called CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. - DCfnaf

Every time a new game comes out their fans always ask if the koopalings are in it. Every time we get the koopalings we can't get anything else but horribly repetitive and boring boss battles.

They act like the Koopalings are such amazing characters and that Bowser Jr isn't because he "replaced" them. HOW DOES ONE CHARACTER REPLACE SEVEN? They also act like Bowser loves the Koopalings and that he's such a "great father". Not only are the Koopalings not his kids, but when they get beat up in Paper Jam, when they say "Avenge us, Master Bowser" he watches them "die" and doesn't even care! Not even Bowser cares for those seven clowns! When Bowser Je gets beat up, Bowser gets really angry. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY SON? ". He cares about his son and doesn't care about the Koopalings. They're just his henchmen. - DCfnaf

Worse than the Waluigi fandom.

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5 Their Spammage In the NSMB Series

Getting real tired of the bastard brigade.

Um the bosses in the original NSMB games also had the same way of defeating them: jumping on their heads, so I don't know why no one cared about that in that game, but once Koopalings come everyone acts like Hotel Mario 2 has been announced. Bowser Jr. in the original NSMB game was way worse than any of the Koopalings in the latter games so there's that as well - darthvadern

The real spammage is the NSMB series itself. It's the same thing every time, just with a few new powerups. How about we just fight all the Koopalings at once, and then have other bosses for different areas.

The original NSMB was such a brilliant concept at the time. The bosses were AWESOME. Now all we ever get are these seven dopes OVER AND OVER. At least they were cool in NSMBU, but GOD STOP USING THEM.

The NSMB games are sucking nowadays since they are all generic and they are all the same game over and over. The Koopalings do not help. Make them all the boss of one castle and make that the end! Kind of like how Kirby has that defense system in Robobot where you fight former bosses. - DCfnaf

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6 Their Cartoon Counterparts

They were just stupid. Not bad, just stupid.

Does not equal the quality of the video game counterparts - darthvadern

Worst Cartoon Ever!

Larry is not a sneaky cheater.

Morton is not a chatterbox.

Lemmy is not a clone of Iggy.

Wendy is not a spoiled brat.

Iggy is not an immature child.

Roy is a bully, but not THAT much of a bully.

Ludwig is not a mad scientist. - DCfnaf

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7 They're Flat Characters

Beyond their somewhat different designs, there's nothing.

Why are they evil? At least with Bowser and Bowser Jr, they have character development. The Koopalings are bland and are only used for filler boss characters. - DCfnaf

They have personalities though, and Paper Jam showed some character in them - darthvadern

They are reskins meant to recycle boss battles. Lame.

8 Their Number

7 samey bosses for seven areas. Lame. Why can't we have bosses which correspond with the lands? A snow/ice creature for a snow covered land? A flying creature for a sky area? We're stuck with the krapalings.

Again, just fight all seven at once! That would leave the other worlds open for other bosses like King Bob-omb and King Boo!

I hate the koopalings.

Really? Sigh

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9 They're Overrated

I have stated this already, but you can read my comment on other items here - darthvadern

YES! - FormulaOneHero

10 They ruined Mario Kart 8's roster

Worse than the damn babies.

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11 They're Outdated

I disagree, Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Bowser have been used since the very beginning. - DCfnaf

Ever since Super Mario World there have been magikoopas. I don't see any difference between the koopalings and seven multicolored magikoopas.

12 They are a Waste

Way worse than Waluigi, but at least they're not like Pink Gold Peach. - ZachMandoGames

13 They're in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Morton was too stupid to register, Iggy was fearful of being caught with illegal substances in his system and Lemmy took his ass back to his ball.

Thank God all seven of them aren't here.

Why include them if you include only some of them? Same with the deadly six - DCfnaf

And took his big butt back to his ball too for Lemmy

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14 They're Weak every boss in the original New Super Mario Bros. - darthvadern

Hit them 3 times and we're done - FormulaOneHero

They're weaksauce.

15 Fighting the Same Thing Seven Times
16 They're Overused
17 Koopalings killed the Wii U

It is funny how as soon as Nintendo began heavily promoting the koopalings, this is where Nintendo began to rot. This started with that awful NSMB2. This came out a short time before NSMBU, so it made the game feel samey.

Killed the Wii U? Those bastards are killing Nintendo. Nintendo has been in a downward spiral since NSMB2.

These seven were shoehorned into everything that was Mario related. Bury these clowns with the Wii U.

Color Splash was the final nail in the coffin, and nothing but koopaling bosses here as well.

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18 Koopalings Ruined Mario and Luigi Series

Oh, Paper Jam. We could've had a solid story, but you gave us recycled koopaling battles. That's weak.

But at least they were unique instead of "step on their head three times" - DCfnaf

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam was a good game. The story was not the best thing they could've done but it was fine. Having the Koopalings as actual characters was...well...alright...but they recycle boss battles and Bowser makes them attack you at the last moment. God, you fight them multiple times! - DCfnaf

Of course we fight them all the same way. Wendy even makes fun of this by saying "at our third, fourth, and fifth fight you'll pay" siiiggghhh. Nintendo makes fun of its own mistakes. They also make fun of Ludwig's fanbase by making him self centered and acting like he's a king (though I think his dialogue with Larry is hilarious). - DCfnaf

They only appeared in Paper Jam, and they were good in that game in my opinion - darthvadern

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19 They're in Super Smash Bros.

This is okay to me. Since they are palette swaps of Bowser Jr I don't mind them as much. Sure, it's annoying B.J. Doesn't have any swaps of himself but I think this is okay. - DCfnaf

20 They're Borderline Clones!

No - darthvadern

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