Top 10 Reasons Leafyishere is a Good YouTuber


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1 Leafyishere will make you laugh 24/7.


2 Leafyishere fanbase is very funny

I wonder why. - Puga

3 Leafyishere himself is funny


4 Leafyishere doesn't cry like others if you hate him

He may not cry but he will make a very desperate video pointing out everything that's not "perfect" with the maker of the video.

5 Leafyishere has 5million subscribers

I know its 4million but he's close - speed

6 Leafyishere is good at making fun of people

Yeah making fun of autism and eating disorders haha funny...NOT!

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7 Leafyishere has some of the craziest people who likes him
8 Leafyishere has some crazy people on his videos
9 Leafyishere is better than lots of youtubers
10 Leafyishere isn't afraid to tell his opinion

This should be #1.

Yea,he isn't afraid which is a good thing,better than hidning your opions to urself - leafstar

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11 He's hot
12 He Nicknamed One Of His Haters Harry Potter

Wot - AlphaQ

13 The Emoji Movie... (YES IT'S REALLY THIS BAD)

Ah, yes. Sony Pictures Animation to give us sub-par franchises such as Open Season (its sequels sucks but Open Season is actually a mixed bag), Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (especially its sequel), Hotel Transylvania (yeah, I said it, Frozen fan-brats) and The Smurfs (movie duology) will give us such an unfunny, negative movie such as The Emoji Movie. They made Surf's Up, Arthur Christmas and The Pirates: Band of Misfits which are actually quite great.

14 He hates The Emoji Movie
15 He hates Onision for very good reasons such as his feminist personality
16 He's satire
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