Top 10 Reasons Leafyishere is a Good YouTuber

The Top Ten Reasons Leafyishere is a Good YouTuber

1 Leafyishere will make you laugh 24/7.

It's hard to make me laugh.
On "The realest hardcore pimp", when he said "you gotta get it in the butthole hard, give her the shocker, give her the 2 fingers in the butthole, I wet my pants and spit out my drink from my mouth AND nose laughing.

I always laugh when I watch him

I burst out laughing to that one guy screaming STFU! at 5 in the morning. Would of laughed louder if it was daytime.

Yeah, because I was laughing at the “this guy is a rapist” joke.

2 Leafyishere fanbase is very funny

Not really...They mostly consist of fanboys.

I wonder why. - Puga

3 Leafyishere himself is funny

Yeah, because making constant rapist jokes and repeating the same thing over and over again is funny.


4 Leafyishere doesn't cry like others if you hate him

He may not cry but he will make a very desperate video pointing out everything that's not "perfect" with the maker of the video.

Yeah, but when you make fun of his weak chin he acts like a child. You make fun of iDubbbz’s hairline and he shaves it for a joke.

5 Leafyishere has 5million subscribers

I know its 4million but he's close - speed

To quote IHE, since when has success been a mark of quality?

6 Leafyishere is good at making fun of people

...that's horrible...

Yeah making fun of autism and eating disorders haha funny...NOT!

Yeah I kept laughing after the 50th rapist joke


7 Leafyishere has some of the craziest people who likes him

That’s not a reason.
This list is so dumb...

8 Leafyishere isn't afraid to tell his opinion

He's honest

This should be #1.

Yea,he isn't afraid which is a good thing,better than hidning your opions to urself - leafstar

9 Leafyishere has some crazy people on his videos
10 Leafyishere is better than lots of youtubers

The Contenders

11 He's hot
12 He nicknamed one of his haters Harry Potter

Wot - AlphaQ

This has nothing to do with why he’s good.

13 He has a kawaii smile
14 He hates The Emoji Movie

So what?

15 He hates Onision for very good reasons such as his feminist personality
16 He's satire

No, he’s not. He’s a bully.

17 He puts research into his rant videos
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