Top Ten Reasons to Learn English

English is the universal language, so it have many reasons to learn and speak that.

The Top Ten

1 Have more access to information
2 Have friends all over the world

English is a global language; that's what I love about it! - keycha1n

3 Travel the world safely

Except if the people there are monolingual.

4 Many of the best movies, series and music are in English

But there are foreign language movies that are equally great. However, the subtitles are in English.

Untrue. I'm sure there's absolutely stunning works of literature in... Njerep or something, but no one knows it to appreciate it. Being fluent in such a widely spoken language gives you more reach, which is why I'm glad to know English! - keycha1n

No more subtitles and voiceovers barely made, understand them in the original language is much better

5 Study in the best universities
6 More money and opportunities for jobs
7 Over 70% of all websites are in English

This is true.

8 Feel the pleasure of speaking a second language
9 English is one of the easiest languages to learn

Hmm..Some native English speakers have difficulty learning English. If you want to learn English the correct way, ask a foreigner. Seriously. Native English speakers are so lazy with the language. - Britgirl

English is crazy irregular, but not the hardest out there, I suppose. - keycha1n

I hate the irregularities of this language!

10 Know new cultures

The Contenders

11 Help tourists
12 Exercise your brain
13 To show off

Sometimes this can get embarassing.

14 More chances for relationships
15 Increase your ability to create new sentences
16 Improve in speech and writing
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