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Cookie talks...I have a last request from this site and from the administration. Please, don't delete this list. It's the least you can do. Let it flow. Don't stand in the way. Be fair all the way. Top Tenners, as you can see, there is space for you to complete the top ten reasons to leave. I'm always open to dialogue and I think that this will my last list. Do as you please, I'll do the same though.

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1 Malice

Dear Hawk, I really appreciated your comment and to be honest I didn't expect it from you. I like this side of you a lot. I hope that you show it to your close people, because it would be a pity if you didn't. Now, I suspect that you do though. :) Please, don't feel sorry for me, I'm not exactly hurt. I was just upset, not sad. I was very upset, ok! However, I felt great when I saw that this list wasn't removed. I even felt much better when I saw your comment and I think I can understand what you mean.

Thank you again for showing some face and some warmth from your heart. This Moby song has so deep and beautiful lyrics, thanks for sharing it. From now on when I listen to Moby, it will bring me a certain hawk in my mind. I just need some distance from this interesting site, I need to abstain, but I won't say a definite goodbye, it would be too pompous now. However, I suspect it will take a long time until I come back. Take care of yourself and of everything that really matters ...more

When someone is wrong, they always accuse you for the wrong reasons and trash you without really confronting you. I hate it when someone undermines me, because they don't have the guts to say what's really going on and the true reasons of their resentment. The only thing they can offer you is their goofy and illogical attacks.

This website is going down hill

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2 No Real Communication

Sometimes you understand if you really communicate with others when you have an argument and if other people support you or choose to shut up.

3 Exhaustion

I'm tired of being sensitive and tactful, while other people don't give a damn and the sensitivity to do the same. They just make lists stating how clever, how intelligent, how funny and how cool they are. What is cool really though? I think really cool is being more sarcastic with yourself than you are with others. Here, many people are sarcastic with everybody and everything except for themselves!

Very sorry to hear you're going, Cookie. I understand what you are feeling. PositronWildhawk expressed everything else I want to say so well, I really won't try to improve it. We'll all miss you... - beatles

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4 When You Feel Disgusted

I feel disgusted when someone is deliberately twisting my words and when someone is removing them while I'm not offensive or sarcastic and I just express my point of view. The administration here has removed my comments several times and several of my lists as well. It's also funny, that he/she added one of the comments I made (he had removed it before) only when I wrote that he had deleted it. I think that he/she or whoever 'joker' is behind this, wanted to make me appear as an inconsistent fool. I know that it takes time for a comment to appear, but as I stated before, several times my comments were removed, a few words they never appeared. I can't go on like this. I'm not here to receive the negative vibes of some sick mind. I'm here to have some fun and to relax.

5 The Mysterious Attacks Are Not Going to Stop

Actually, I think that people don't change just because you give them a good reason or a very good explanation. On the contrary, if they are unfair and they have a jealous streak, they will keep on adding their lies to their insults. On The Top Ten Lists, there is a certain person that undermines me (don't worry I don't think that there is a whole conspiracy against me, I don't have a persecution complex yet). This person only is taking the liberty to trash me anonymously by pretending to be several different people, but I know better than his lies and his garbage. (i refuse to believe that this person is a woman, it would be even more creepy, insensitive and upsetting.)

6 Lies

If only people could express in a polite and not a pompous or cynical way what they don't like about your ideas...That would be honest, kind and constructive. Instead, they avoid this way. Speaking of The Top Ten Lists, this is a very good and interesting site, that goes without a question. What I don't appreciate here is certain manipulations and certain omissions. I've had my fill of them!

7 The Site Mostly Relies On Britgirl

Britgirl has done a lot for this website, but other users are getting in the spotlight right now. - Turkeyasylum

Nobody ain't perfeat. Don't know why people here are treating Britgirl too perfeat. I know she or he (maybe it's a girl) is a good top tenner but give others a little glory at least. I think Nintendofan126 is a great top tenner - Chaotixhero

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8 You like MLP
9 Online Trolls

Trolls are all over the internet. It's not a exclusive top ten phenomena.

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10 Spelling Mistakes

We all make spelling mistakes. - cosmo

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11 Negative People
12 Rude People

I think they're above all.

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13 The List of the Music Artists You'd Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremonies
14 You like The Loud House
15 Too Much Information
16 Spoilers
17 Internet Drama
18 Inaccurate Information
19 Flame Comments
20 Bad News
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