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21 Reaction Channels

People just post reaction videos because they want more viewers, people think they're funny when they're actually not, they are just annoying.

22 This Video Is Private Block
23 Majority of the Videos are Gaming Videos
24 The New Rules

Honestly. One hour length for videos made in youtube editor? The heck?

25 People are Greedy

I can't STAND these people now, they used to be good. now they're just trying to make as much money as possible, they can't make anything good or entertaining, and they have no respect or wisdom towards others, and some of their fanbases are awful, yet the innocent fans want them to make good videos again, but the people making the videos don't care about them, nor do they respect, some of the T.V. networks suffered the same downfall in their evolution, and so did a fair amount of other sites, like DeviantArt or Facebook, I hate YouTube now because the people making the videos are now too greedy and are DESPERATELY hungry for money.

26 YouTubers Are Now Violating the Terms Of Use

Seems like the Terms is not as strictly implemented as it is here on TheTopTens.

27 Misleading Thumbnails
28 Scam Videos

So many videos are just uploaded to get people, especially smaller childeren, onto a scam site. Often because they then will receive "Free Gems" for a game.

29 Quantity Over Quality
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