Top Ten Reasons to Legalize Gay Marriage

Anyone who is against gay marriage is a real idiot. All anti-gay statement I've come across is wrong and pretty brainless.
The Top Ten
1 It's None of Your Business Who Others Marry

Well... Really, you can't just call somone an idiot when you haven't even heard there whole reason why they believe this. And for those who think that they can just say " Oh, well these people are idiots because they believe in something that most people
don't." Let them have there own opinion on how they think things should work just like you have yours.

Since when does it matter that two women you don't know are marrying? Do you have such a boring life you need to wreck others?

So what's wrong with being Gay?

2 The Bible Shouldn't Influence the Government

Haven't you heard of seperation of church and state? It's in he constitution, no laws can be made in respect to religious groups. The bible and the white house are two diffirent things that should stay seperate and unenvolved with each other.

And the citizens shouldn't influence how America was created.

Not everyone is Christian,just because you believe in Jesus doesn't mean everyone else does.

3 It Would Increase the Acceptance of LGBT Kids

When black people got rights, racism declined and now hating on a black person is totally unacceptable. This is all because they got their rights. If gay people got their rights to marry, more people would learn to accept them.

I am a supporter of LGBT! But I don't have a choice because my dad would kill me. I have gay parents.

This isn't exactly a good thing.

4 No Effect On the Hetero Community

"If gay marriage is legal, straight people will be gay! "
When blacks were given their rights, did white people become black? I know what your thinking: it's impossible to change color, and same thing with gay marriage.

It does. It would radically alter the concept of "family". Note that I'm against the marriage concept, not gay people.

Exactly! And if two people being in love something does hurt you, that's really sad. Even if gay marriage isn't legalized, gays will still exist.👬 Just make it legal and get it over with.

5 Give Everyone Equal Rights

What rights? Gays and Lesbians are already given rights. It's not like they get killed for being gay and stuff like that.

How can America call itself a democratic society when not everyone shares rights?

6 Civil Unions Are Not the Same

Financial, medical, and social rights are granted to married couples but not to civil union couples. That is why gay couples want more.

7 It Would Help the Economy

It was estimated by the New York comptroller that legalizing gay marriage adds 142 million to the economy. That is a lot of money, and would be used to help many people. But your so selfish, you prevented it by making it illegal.

8 Decrease the Rate of Psychological Disorder

If you say so.

9 Love is a Human Right

Yeah, they can date, anyway.

10 They Will Adopt the Babies Straight People Didn’t Want
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