Top 10 Reasons to Like a Band


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1 The Music

Without music, the band... wouldn't be band! - 3DaysBenjamin

2 Message Behind the Music

I think to hear a band with a message behind the music is much more fun to hear than a song without a meaning! (:

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3 Image/Look

Without an image/look, the band wouldn't appeal to certain people. - 3DaysBenjamin

4 Vocals

Without the lead singers, where would they be in terms of voice? O. O - 3DaysBenjamin

5 The People

The people in the bands help to mold everything else - 3DaysBenjamin

6 Inspiration

Some of us have discovered bands based on other bands we like who inspired them. - 3DaysBenjamin

7 Genre

I personally like metal and hard rock. The genre really sets the tone for the band and the music. - 3DaysBenjamin

8 Attitude

I wouldn't like a band with a raunchy "I'm better than you" attitude... that's just me. - 3DaysBenjamin

9 Fanbase

Fans are what keep the music alive! - 3DaysBenjamin

10 Location, Location, Location

Some people might like local bands better. - 3DaysBenjamin

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