Top Ten Reasons Like Agnes Monica

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1 Good Singer

Her voice just amazing. I love her

She is multitalented. She ca sing, act, dance, perform, write. She is perfect women. I'm curious who will be the lucky guy that marry her one day

Agnes mo has an amazing voice and brilliant singing technic

She is an amazing singer!

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2 Good Dancer

She can sing,
She can dance,
Good combination,
She's really perfect,
She's good artist from indonesian all the time,

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3 Beautiful
4 Good Songwriter

I'am very confused with this category cause Agnes is perfect. But I think I like all songs written by her

5 Smart

She finished her Junior & Senior high school on 4 years. Amazing

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6 Fashionable

She is trendsetter on fashion

7 Religious

She always remember God on the way her career

Agnes I Love you

8 Good Actress

Her acting is very good

9 Energic
10 Sexy

The Contenders

11 Good Performance
12 Hard Working

She always totally on the work

13 Cool
14 Easy-Listening Songs
15 Indonesian
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