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1 They know more about the bible than most Christians

They know more about the bible and they know that the origins of the bible are mostly ancient greek and Egyptian philosophies. Without Socrates there won't be Plato, without Plato there won't be aristoteles and without Plato and Aristoteles there won't be Plotinus. We all know that this philosophers were the source of the writings and theories of the new testament ( Christianity took of all this philosophies the best to make their own theories and mixed it with supposed words of jesus and some Jewish old testament stories who themselves took their stories of Egypt ).

We are talking about Christians. (so the 2th one)

We talking "Christians" or Christians? - keycha1n

And that's an exact reason why are they atheists - DejanKalinic

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2 They can find joy without belief in god and an afterlife

Religious people don't have morals if there morals are from God. They're not morals, they're instructions. - ARandomPerson

If many religious people can't find joy, ethics and morals, a purpose, hope and so on... it's just because they are affraid of life itself. Without god and the belief of an afterlife they think that life is meaningless. Their lives has a meaning with god because without a hope of a afterlife they're lost in this life. They are almost like children who still believes in fairytales with Princesses and magic unexplainable powers.

Good for you. - peashooter

3 They are more tolerant and accepting of others not like them.

I never said that ALL atheists are more tolerant. Some are not (like stalin), but don't forget theistic "nice little boys". For example Philip II of Spain.

This, I will give to you. - keycha1n

Hitler was NOT an atheist; he had forbidden any atheistic movements, and he talks about god in Mein Kampf

Talking about god does not make you Christian, as numerous religions use that terminology. Hitler was simply for Hitler, occasionally invoking whatever terminology advanced his agenda. Behind the scenes he seems to have been a Pagan.
Regardless, known Atheist Mao Zedong killed more civilians than anybody in history [65 million + or -], far more than Hitler, and famous Atheist Josph Stalin also killed more than Hitler. Even Pol Pot killed more than Hitler by percentage of the population.
Such nice little Atheist boys.

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4 They use reason
5 They care about reality
6 They don't need faith
7 They do good things because they are good people, not because of an afterlife
8 The smartest people are often atheists

Except for that really smart guy Albert Einstein, who while not adhering to any religious sect, repeatedly said he was not an Atheist, but was perhaps closest to a Pantheist in his beliefs and understandings of the universe and its harmonious existence.

How about the really really smart guy Stephen Hawking (an atheist)

Hm... I wonder what Neil deGrass Tyson would say... - ARandomPerson

9 Most atheists are nice

Like me! If you know me, of course. Otherwise you think of me as a mean old man with a cane. - ARandomPerson

Especially danteem, he was kind enough to send me death threats. - Therandom

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10 The majority aren't sexist and/or homophobic

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11 They don't think everything is from the devil

What? Atheists don't believe in devils. If you say that they don't think everything is from the devil it's like saying that they don't deny the devil. It's like saying they believe that some things are from the devil and some other things are not. There is nothing that comes from a devil or devils because devils doesn't exist.

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