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1 She was awesome at battling. She was awesome at battling.

Both contest battles and regular battles. She battled more than any of the other female traveling companions. - eventer51314

Although I like May the best, this is a good list though. - SmashBall

Thank you! I like May a lot too, she's my second favorite Poke girl. - eventer51314

I like Dawn so this list is an immediate favorite.Good job,eventer51314. - Tia-Harribel

2 She helped Maylene regain her confidence as a gym leader. She helped Maylene regain her confidence as a gym leader.

Paul beat Maylene in a gym battle and verbally abused her. Seeing how down she was on herself, Dawn reached out to her and encouraged her. Then challenged Maylene to a gym battle, even though her thing was contests. - eventer51314

3 She's a very supportive friend. She's a very supportive friend.

She even went to the trouble of putting on a performance with her Pokemon to cheer Ash up after his loss to Paul. She was also helpful to Zoey, who was her main rival. - eventer51314

She was like a non toxic sibling towards Ash and it was great

She was equal to Ash, and thought of him as a friend and good rival, unlike pathetic Serena, who just acts like a wh0re and worships Ash. - FrozenHatingPokefan

I agree Serena wasn't a true friend she was just a crazy obsessed fangirl.

4 She's a complex character. She's a complex character.

She had several issues she had to work through during her journey. She had to work out problems with her Pachirisu, Mamoswine, and Togekiss. She was on a losing streak for a while, and had plenty of internal struggle wondering if she should just quit or switch over to gym battles. She also had to get over her past trauma with Plusle and Minun. And then there were her complex feelings towards characters like Paul and Kenny. - eventer51314

5 She's a go-getter. She's a go-getter.

Treating a female companion as Ash's equal was the best thing they have done for any female companion. Right now, only Dawn has that treatment. Hopefully we will get more in the future after *cough* serena *cough*

She didn’t stand around and let Ash steal the spotlight. She would even sometimes take action first if Team Rocket was up to no good. And of course, she was always upbeat, working hard and pushing toward her goal. - eventer51314

When she was on a losing streak, she cried, but then dried her tears and went back, more determined than ever! (Unlike Serena) (I feel like this is very commonly said) Serena cried after 1 and had to cut her hair and change her whole outfit just to recover. Dawn stayed strong for three before crying, then stood back up, no costume changes required.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

6 She's sweet. She's sweet.

True. She's kind to whoever she can be kind to, and she'd make an awesome friend. - FrozenHatingPokefan

I watched the first episode with her and when she went to help pikachu I was like "Man she is so kind I love her"

She is the best from the rest four, and I love her for her frienday nature 😍😍😍

7 She's smart. She's smart.

Contrary to what some fans think, she is not ‘ditzy’. Naïve sometimes yes, but not stupid. She had many clever combination moves and she knew how to work out her Pokemon’s problems. I think May was the more ditzy one (I still love her too though). - eventer51314

Actually she is a bit ditzy. The most obvious proof of her ditziness is when she was given a map & still struggled to find the lab. But being ditzy doesn't mean she's stupid or a bad character. It's fine that she has some faults. And being ditzy only means your scatterbrained, not stupid.

She did come up with a lot of combinations that not only helped her, but ash as well. Also, she figured out by herself that ash's pikachu did not belong to team rocket. If she was so stupid, she'd believe that pikachu was theirs like they said and left.

8 She doesn't put up with crap from anyone. She doesn't put up with crap from anyone.

When Paul insulted her, boy did she tell him off! - eventer51314

9 Pearlshipping is better then any other ship Pearlshipping is better then any other ship

I prefer not to ship Ash with someone. But any other ships are just accurate, even better than Amourshipping. Serena can just go burn in hell. - ClassicGaminer

A ship is a shallow, insipid reason to like a character. Anyway, ships should be liked because of the characters involved, not the other way around. - eventer51314

I love this ship

Pearl is awesome - Pokemonfan30

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10 She isn't petty. She isn't petty.

Dawn would give her life to save a Pokémon, and never betrayed her friends to fulfill her own desires. Serena abandons the group to browse a JEWELRY SHOP. How petty is that? - FrozenHatingPokefan

(Unlike Serena! ) When Ursula trash talked her, she didn’t hold any grudges. She let her performances do the talking. She also didn’t hold anything against Paul, who was extremely rude to her. - eventer51314

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11 She has a great sense of fashion. She has a great sense of fashion.

But she dressed up for her contests and for herself, because she liked it. Not to draw attention to herself. (Unlike Serena! ) - eventer51314

And Serena has ridiculous fashion sense. Her first outfit was a bit odd, then Serena cut her hair and got a completely weird @$$ outfit.

I liked dawns first pink dress she wore for contest.

Everyone compliments Serena's taste in fashion and forget who is the character who actually has good sense of fashion. Yeah, it's Dawn. Dawn is better than Serena.

12 Ash and Dawn are the only true couple. All the other girls are just trash

I respectable disagree. - egnomac

13 Pearlshipping is better then armourshipping

That I can agree with. - egnomac


Oh yeah, definitely. Yet I'm a Non-shipper, and from what I heard, PearlShipping has never attacked any other shipping fanbases. - ClassicGaminer

14 Because Penguinshipping is better than TwinLeafshipping Because Penguinshipping is better than TwinLeafshipping

Dawn is in love with me not Kenny penguinshipping was debunked at the end of a Kenny and dawn episode.

Stupid ship - Pokemonfan30

15 Ikarishipping Ikarishipping

Yeah, two can play at this game. *sarcastic annoying fangirl voice* Best ship ever! - eventer51314

Stupid ship - Pokemonfan30

16 Because she and Paul are meant to be together Because she and Paul are meant to be together

There is no way that relationship would ever work out. - egnomac

17 Because Ikarishipping is better than Pearlshipping

How do entries like this even get approved? This has nothing canonically to do with Dawn as a character in the Pokemon anime. So dumb. - eventer51314

18 Because Amourshipping is better than Pearlshipping Because Amourshipping is better than Pearlshipping

Oh my God... Why?! What does Dawn have to with Amourshipping?! Oh wait. I get it, Serena is Dawn, right? WRONG! And who in the hell thinks that Amourshipping is *the best shipping out there*?! - ClassicGaminer

Yeah, let's just go full retard on this list. - eventer51314

19 Pearlshipping is the best ship ever

Why can't people see that shippings are messed up BECAUSE THEY ARE 10 I hate all the main ships but I do like dawn may and iris serena was a terrible character and amourshipping is so annoying and plain out stupid

20 She had a duet with Ash because they love each other so much (High Touch)
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1. She was awesome at battling.
2. She doesn't put up with crap from anyone.
3. She helped Maylene regain her confidence as a gym leader.
1. She's smart.
2. She's sweet.
3. She's a go-getter.
1. She was awesome at battling.
2. She helped Maylene regain her confidence as a gym leader.
3. She's a very supportive friend.

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