Top 10 Reasons to Like Jigglypuff

This list should be for that JigglypuffGirl user because she likes Jigglypuff so much!

The Top Ten

1 His song
2 He is the cutest pokemon

I agree - HaydenGuyPotato

JIGGLYPUFF" - HaydenGuyPotato

3 His mad face

When Jigglypuff gets mad, he is slightly bigger
That's because he is a Balloon Pokemon - bugger

4 He can sing to make people sleep

Just imagine he had 2 songs one for sleeping and one as an alarm! - Animefan12

In SSB games, it's kinda hard to make a player get close to you when you sing, If the player has over 100%, it's your chance to attack - bugger

5 His turquoise eyes

His eyes makes him so cute, he has big round eyes - bugger

6 His spiral hair
7 He is a balloon puffball like Kirby

Jigglypuff has a couple similar moves on Kirby
Jigglypuff can fly like kirby
Also Jigglypuff is much like kirby anyways - bugger

8 Jigglypuff is an alien and a cosmic singer

Due to his voice, defeat celfairys and can whoop kirby's butt

9 Jigglypuff is smart
10 He's a fairy type

hi - HaydenGuyPotato

The Contenders

11 It is the best Pokemon in gen 1
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