Top Ten Reasons to Like TheTopTens Admins

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1 They approve our lists

He deleted my Damn list called top ten easiest theories people think it's complex that damn bastard

Mostly they merge lists, it's really annoying

I hate him

2 Without them we wouldn't be here

Actually that isn't true. Other people who are better could've made this site before they did.

3 They are nice to us

I am not a big fan of TTT admin but I gotta admit that they are quite nice. Comparably to other sites. I mean I sometimes make a lot of mistakes. Admin moderates them. But I have seen on some other sites, the admin directly delete some contribution/take back earned points from user for small mistakes.

Although the admin returned my list like thrice (yeah I hate it when this happens) he seems to be nice to me and tries to correct me.

My other account was suspended for no apparent reason. No, they are not.

This item is wrong

4 They give us a second chance

They unfairly permabanned PY98. You call that a second chance?

5 They approve our comments

A lot of my comments didn't approved.

6 They make good comments
7 They let us make remixes
8 They make good posts
9 If our lists are duplicate they merge them
10 They don't do anything to try and treat users bad

Of course..Admins of TTT are actually very nice than the ones of other websites, There are several prominent sites where users are permanently banned or they'd terminate the accounts IF those users try to insult each other...without giving warnings...And here? Users critisize and make fun of the admins so much by making blog posts and comments..and when the admins start heeding it and takes steps for that THEN users protest..God, Can't you be happy with all the interesting things of the site at disposal?

The Contenders
11 They reply to us

Sometimes they reply, sometimes they don't.

I've been waiting 7 hours for them to reply to me

This is true

12 The take the time to make sure everything is going good in this site.
13 They always show that they care

Not really. Maybe a message here and there but, they seem to be more focused on purging what they consider foul language such as fart and man. - SteelCity99

14 They approve our blogs
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