Top Ten Reasons to Like Wild Kratts

The Top Ten

You get to learn about cool animals
Martin is funny
Dabio acts like a kid
The episode called "Whale of a Squid"
Zach's Zechbots

They are really funny and cool

Creature power suits
Jimmy Z
Zach doesn't know animals' names
The episode called "Honey Seekers"
Aviva's Hot

She's actually very ugly and thinks that the Kratts are stupid. P.S The mantis episode was terrible.

I'm a Caviva fan

The Contenders

The episode called "The Gecko Effect"
It saved the PBS channel from going downhill
The Creature's Powers are cool

Also, if the real-life Kratt bros are reading this, can you make some episodes about the following animals: leopard, chimpanzee, marlin, manatee, alligator snapping turtle, snow leopard, African wild dog, Komodo dragon, tuatara, cassowary, sun bear, sea krait, hare, whale shark, cormorant, fishing spider, wildebeest, wolverine, tapir, waterbuck, anteater, piranha, ocelot, marine iguana, and axolotl. Sorry, that's a lot. But still, it would be pretty cool to see these animals' creature powers.

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