Top 10 Reasons Lil Pump is Better Than 6ix9ine

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1 Lil Pump is not a pedophile

Get your facts before u post sumthin like dat

2 Lil Pump's music is slightly less offensive

Yeah but still every song is like fking on your btch and nga nga nga

3 Lil Pump is somewhat less ugly

Very true. Lil pump to be honest doesn't look ugly at all actually, but his music is bad.

Hate lil pump, but ill give you this one - CameronBinder

4 Lil Pump is more popular

More popular doesn't mean that you're better. - Userguy44

5 Lil Pump's stage name is a bit better
6 Gucci Gang isn't as bad as Gummo

Oh yeah will gummo isn't as bad as boss.

Yeah @AlphaQ and @CameronBinder

Gummo is 999999999 times worse than Gucci Gang..

7 Lil Pump isn't an adult yet
8 Lil Pump's hair is less overwhelming
9 Lil Pump's music is actually listenable

Lil Pump has got better tattoos

They both suck. the end

10 Lil Pump is at least funny

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11 Lil Pump can rap


12 Lil Pump's collaborators are more popular
13 Lil Pump doesn’t yell
14 Lil Pump’s song titles are actual words and can relate to the song itself

With 6ix9ine you get gibberish titles like GUMMO, KEKE, FEFE, KOODA, (and pretty much every other gibberish word under the sun he can think of), where as Lil Pump is smart enough to actually put words in the title like “Gucci Gang” or “Boss” Or “Drug Addicts”, or even “Esketit”. (Regret saying that lol)

15 Lil Pump doesn’t say the n word as much as 6ix9ine

He says it but at least it isn’t through out the song

16 Unlike 6ix9ine, Lil Pump is actually smart.

Ikr he just acts dumb for the camera

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