Top 10 Reasons Linkin Park is Not the Best Band of the 2000s

A majority of people think Linkin Park's the best band of the 2000's I disagree.

The Top Ten Reasons Linkin Park is Not the Best Band of the 2000s

1 Linkin Park has very uninspired lyrics

Hey why my item didn't come.isn't it true people are wearing linkin parks t-shirts - zxm

Admin! I am a fan of linkin park (not a big fan).but I hate when people barely know them are wearing those - zxm

2 Linkin Park is okay but not good or great
3 A lot of Linkin Park songs sound the same

I disagree. They've changed up their style a lot.

4 Most Linkin Park songs aren't really all that good or special as people hype them up to be

Via: In The End, Numb,etc.

5 Linkin Park has a very dull sound
6 Chester Burnington is okay, but not great or fantastic
7 Linkin Park writes very boring lyrics not really best band of the 2000's material
8 There is nothing unique or special about Linkin Park
9 Most songs made by Linkin Park are generic
10 Linkin Park sucks at rapping

The Contenders

11 They're a nu metal band
12 There are many other bands that make better music
13 They experiment too much with their music
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