Top 10 Reasons Lion King Is Better Than Frozen


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1 Lion King is About Lions

Yet it gives hyenas and other animals a bad rap.

2 Lion King Songs Are Epic

And Frozen songs are dumb - YanRocky

Lion King songs are dumber

TLK has some amazing and memorable songs like "Be Prepared", "Can You Feel the Love Tonight? ", "He Lives In You", "Circle of Life", "IJKWTBK", and "Hakuna Matata". Frozen does have some good songs like "Let It Go", and "DYWTBAS", but theyy ae not as well-writen. - shawnmccaul22

3 Scar Is a Better Villain Than Hans

He kill his own brother, Enough Said - YanRocky

4 Timon and Pumbaa Are Way Too Funny

I Have Mixed Feelings on These Two

I liked Timon, but I did not enjoy Pumbaa - shawnmccaul22

Poo MBA Farted The First Animated Disney Fart.


V 1 Comment
5 Lion King Has a Better Plot V 1 Comment
6 Lion King Is Iconic
7 Lion King Has Better Characters V 1 Comment
8 Kiara and Nala Are Better Princesses Than Elsa and Ana

Kiara & Nala They are brave and are not dumb like Elsa & Ana - YanRocky

9 Adults Like Lion King V 1 Comment
10 Hans Zimmer composed the soundtrack V 1 Comment

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11 Hakuna Matata is better than Let it Go
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