Reasons Lisa Simpson Is a Good Character


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1 She defends Bart from being bullied

She is not only a heroine she is a saviour - TwilightKitsune

2 She is hated for being smart
3 She saved Homer's life countless times


4 She respects all religions
5 She's hot

She's very sexy

For Milhouse.

6 Milhouse, Martin and Ralph crush on her

Nelson is her best match. Martin is an equal match for her, as professional partners. Ralph is an okay match for her, though better off as close friends. Milhouse is an awful match for her.
So far, Nelson is truly her best match.

And Nelson - Gangem

7 She's friends with Mr. Burns
8 She helps Nelson

Lisa and Nelson > Lisa and Milhouse
-Milhouse is better off as a closeted bachelor, or a deadbeat like Kirk.

If it wasnt for her he would have never found his father - TwilightKitsune

9 She is smart
10 She is anti-bully

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11 She's always there for her family no matter what

That is why I loved her in the first place. - TwilightKitsune

An example of this scenario is shown in "Lisa's Wedding".

12 She is the voice of reason

And the Liazrd Queen!

13 She is a great sister

Yeah she and Bart don’t get along but they are there for each other in so many cases

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1. She defends Bart from being bullied
2. She is hated for being smart
3. She saved Homer's life countless times


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