Top Ten Reasons the List Top Ten Reasons Girls Are Stronger Than Boys Should Be Taken Down

Wow I really regret this list. I made a post "my apologies" where you can sign a petition to get it removed.

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1 It's sexist

Thanks for your apology, neither gender is stronger. I know this list is three years old, but still, I agree with this list. - BlackAngel_ZombieBoy

Yup vary sexist. - MorlaTurtle8

It's pretty obvious that God wanted both sides to be equal. The problem is that some people just don't seem to get the message. Feminists are woman who want females to be treated better in society. However, most of them believe that anybody with a certain body part deserve to be treated like crap. Heck, some men talk the same stuff about the male gender as well and refuse to listen to most opinions. Jeez, can't we all just get along?

It's very sexist. God created both equally and each person independently are different and it doesn't matter if it's a male or a if a male is being nice you kick him in the face just because he is a boy? Don't think so...and If a girl was talking to you, do you punch her in the face just because she is a girl?! Hell no...remember Jesus loves both no matter what...stupid humanity ruined everything by labeling whether black or white, boy or girl (other? ) and's not our gender or race, it's the world itself that's a mess...

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2 It's overrated

This list isn't a big deal really. It was just an opinion. And I didn't even consider it as offensive. Though some facts were misplaced. Sexist? Not really. - Kiteretsunu

TTP, I'm glad you came out. If you regret making it, talk to admin. - PositronWildhawk

Like many other list, it's famous for controversy. Everyone wants to vote to tell why they hate it, so it became a bestseller and made hottest list this week...not to mention, I gained around 20 followers from it. How? - ToptenPizza

The main voters are girls, so they...
2. Stereotypical
3. Have not experienced any challenges dealt with from the opposite sex

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3 The item submissions are stupid

If you don't mind me saying, I always thought your lists were based on speculation and little truth to support them. In fact, they echo ill-informed and redundant rants. You'd make a much better debater if you did implement some information from reliable sources and make them valid points.

A lot of it I was too lazy and stupid to actually research with the exceptions of a few (maybe). - ToptenPizza

4 It's offending people

I could see why. I don't even know what was going through my "anti sexism, anti racism, anti homophobia and transphobia, anti animal abuse" head. I do not want to be known as this sort of person! - ToptenPizza

5 A lot of people want it removed
6 It's dragging attention to itself

Can everyone stop giving it attention? Can't we give my more intelligent lists attention? It climbed to #6 on my top lists in very few days. It shouldn't have gotten any attention. - ToptenPizza

7 It's a bad list
8 It's stupid

No facts or evidence just idioticness. - ToptenPizza

9 It's incorrect

No gender is stronger, smarter, better, etc. - ToptenPizza

10 No one likes it

Not even me, THE MAKER OF THE LIST likes it. I'm going to make a more controversial list in order to end it's fame... - ToptenPizza

I don't think an even more controversial list would be a good idea. - RiverClanRocks

I am glad that you have came out and realized how idiotic this sexist list was. A Femenatzi would just continue on about how awful men are and continue making more stupid list.

I'll bet you if girls read it, then they would like it.

The problem was that boys read it, not girls - anonygirl

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11 It's wrong
12 Some of it is irrelevant

Duh! Cuteness doesn't matter, just like a stupid guy!

Like "Girls are Cuter than Boys" have nothing to do with them being strong. - anonygirl

13 Boys are usually stronger

I don't think this should be a reason - CartoonistKing

14 Not enough memes

Wow, really - LightningStrike

Where are the memes?

15 It's offensive to boys that have autism
16 Most of the Reasons are Wrong
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