Top Ten Reasons the List "Top Ten Best Religions" Shouldn't Exist

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1 Brings Hate to the Site

90% of the comments are hate. - RegularGuy

That's not true! Some people say stupid things but many others likes to hear other opinions and even debate about that.

It is true. Pretty offensive to be honest.

2 People Shouldn't Be Divided

People are different in many good ways.

3 All Religions Should Be Treated Equally

Yeah there isn't any "best religion"

At least that's my logic - Flamesofsilver


4 It Is Offensive to Some

Low rankings have a negative implication on a certain religion.

5 Religion is Bad

Who would say that just because of the wars? Religion was not meant to do that! Misguided followers have misunderstood the teachings that's why they start wars! And the other reason is to defend themselves from people who are violent that they think certain religions should be wiped off. We have the right to defend our faith from evildoers!

Religion has done awful things, it has started wars, divided countries, and so many people are killed for their beliefs...

I wonder what Jesus would think. - keycha1n

Religion is horrible it's starting wars all over Middle East

6 No One Knows what Happens after Death

Also, children know exactly what happened in their past life, how they died, who they were, everything. - narutoisepic864

Actually, people have died and come back to life saying that they saw Heaven or Hell. So, technically, I don't think this one is correct. Some people know, or have the right idea about what happens after death.

7 Religion is Man-Made
8 Religion has Been the Cause of Wars and Human Suffering
9 All Religions have Caused Problems

Because of extremists and misuse of free will. Not because of the religion itself.

10 It's Basically the Same God

All people who worship God are worshipping the same God, just in a different way. That's what I believe as a Hindu. All religions have truth to them. Even Atheists have truths. If more religions thought that way then maybe the list would be okay because no one would judge, but it's just not the case.

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11 A lot of the items on the list are just subsets of big religions

This makes the list massive when there are only about 15 actual religions on the list.

There are also a bunch that are made-up.

12 Religion has Brought Up Many Wars
13 Humanity has Advanced in Recent Times
14 Most Religions are Not Correct

The absolute truth is unknown to everyone. Even all religions.

Can't we just respect other religions?

15 Technology has Advanced over the Years
16 Religion Hurts People Sometimes
17 The Human Race Is Growing Up Now

More of us are now understanding to accept other people's beliefs and to not shove them down other people's throats.

18 Most Religious Stories Are Unrealistic

How could Marry have a virgin birth?

With the power of God, anything is possible. Though it is not realistic, doesn't mean it's not true.

19 You Don't get Your Morals from Religion. You get Them from Your Mind.

Religion doesn't kill people, idiots with bad morals do and then use their religion to trick themselves into thinking they did good.

20 Science Has Advanced Over Time

So what? Not all science is right. There are plenty of theories that aren't true. I personally believe in Jesus and God. There are plenty of Christian scientists who I think are great at there job. The only difference between atheists and Christians that set them apart religiously, is that one walks by sight while the other walks by faith. Christians don't need an explanation for why the fallow him. They don't need to see him to know he's their. He's like air. Just because you can't see him doesn't mean that he doesn't exist.

Science may be a witness to religion, but not to all of it. So don't just disprove religion because not all scientific theories are consistent or proven true. That is just hypocritical.

Science sucks


21 All Religions Are Not Perfect

No religion is perfect, but it isn't bad to have one. Plus, comparing them is just pointless.

22 Religion is Really Complicated

I mean, I love being a Christian but sometimes I get confused.

23 Religion doesn't have All the Right Answers
24 Life's Too Short
25 You Don't have to Follow a Religion to be a Good Person
26 It's Useless
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