Top Ten Reasons Lists About Religion Should Stop

Just STOP. Wow I didn't know when I signed up I would become a peacemaker. I'm personally a Christian, but I respect other religions.

The Top Ten Reasons Lists About Religion Should Stop

1 Everybody should respect other people's religion, even if they don't like it

Yes a person should be vewd on them themselvs not there relegion

Hey I don't go around telling non-Christians that you have to convert to Christian or you will go to hell cause 1. That's not true and 2. I'm to lazy to. - MrQuaz680

Yes. This item is so true. - cosmo

This list is true and good. - EpicJake

2 They're offensive

Whoever said here that Muslims are hating on Hindus please shut up. I've personally seen attacks from Hindus against Muslims not only on the internet and flooded on YouTube comments but maybe you should see what Hindu nationalists are flipping doing in so-called democracy and secular nation called india. You're so quick on saying Muslims this and Muslims that oh look, a Muslim did something really bad whereas the point of this stupid list was to point out why the other lists bashing religions is bad. Go and cry somewhere else, I see white people making fun of Hindu customs all the time because it's something alien to them that's because Hindus can't explain their faith to others

The vast majority are - blackflower

Not true. As long as a list is informative about religion or atheism, where you can give your opinions and debate on that in a civilized matter without insults, why should it be concidered as offensive? Some people will use this lists to insult and maybe some people will be offended, but this is the era of social medias. You have to accept that bad things can happen on social lists. It's part of the social media, like it or not. If we have to stop every list on the internet that can allow discussions then you have to stop 90% of the internet.

I've seen too many lists that are extremely rude to Hindu's saying that their beliefs are awful and untrue. Too many people claiming they hate a certain religion (Sadly, usually toward Hindu's from Muslims). Atheists talk about how insane religion is. There is way too much homophobic and transphobic stuff. I honestly think this is a great place to come for someone who isn't sure of what their religion is. They see lists of many different religions and people from those religion's beliefs on certain things.

3 Some people don't have a religion
4 Everybody gets butthurt about them
5 Some of these list are trolls, so, by reacting, we are feeding the trolls
6 It makes TheTopTens a more hateful place

I am actually disgusted by the way people are behaving here. I am a Christian but I respect other religions as long as they teach what is right and what is wrong. They should actually remove all the lists about religions. - ToukaKirishima

Never ever bash on any people for their beliefs. Christians for example should not fall into the category of awful an annoying as a music fan base. This is entirely different. This is the same as racism only discrimination against religion. Thank you and I hope you read this.

Just stop.

7 It causes people to lose their faith

They will with Christianity in 2067.
Now then we will say goodbye to God, Jesus, Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Devil, Moses, Jonah and the whale, Joseph and his dreamboat, Noah and his Ark, Mary and Joseph, The Twelve Disciples, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

8 Some lists are biased to a certain religion
9 They use stereotypes
10 It causes religion wars

Oh God Religious Wars on thetoptens

The Contenders

11 It Destroys Friendship on TheTopTens
12 Religion causes wars

Oh like Wicca?

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