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1 Personality is what makes a person

This list is amazing! This is everything I pretty much live by and I complete agree with it. What counts is your personality, looks don't really have a say to who you really are. I mean, my friend Adrian (Jeff_The_Killer on here) looks like a rebellious punk rock kid that doesn't care about anything really, but it's the complete opposite! He's one of the sweetest, most thoughtful, and intelligent guys I've met in person. He volunteers in the community and helps whenever he cans! So, to hell with looks, and seriously consider taking into account other's personalities instead of judging them by their appearance! - Eternal_Laughter

I agree here with Eternal_Laughter. Personality is what makes a person, and judging a book by its cover can lead to disappointment more likely than not. So what if someone has a pretty face? It usually doesn't say the same for their personality. It's better to get to know the person before making assumptions about how they act. - Supernatural

This is very true. Lots of people say that rocker Marilyn Manson is evil, but he's actually a nice guy in real life. He doesn't condone bad behavior in anybody. He's just a normal person who loves art and isn't afraid to speak his mind. I just wish people wouldn't judge him so much.

I mean, of course! Our bodies and looks are metaphorically like the cars we drive, and the driver is our personality. Do we judge other people by their cars? No. The same things goes with people. Who cares what people look like? Calling someone black or Asian or white is just giving someone a label, and that isn't right. To truly know someone, we have to know their personality. Even though the human mind may be born with the knowledge of distinguishing between 'pretty' and 'ugly', it shouldn't be taken into account when we judge someone.

They do though

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2 You don't choose what you look like

You can kind of choose.

Yes, it is based on luck... now, from now on let's call beautiful people "lucky"... sounds less appealing, doesn't it?

3 Looks have nothing to do with personality

Exactly! Someone can be beautiful, but could be ugly on the inside. People shouldn't judge by looks. - Minecraftcrazy530

Well, my personality is great, and I've got good looks and charm, so I'm all good. But I don't see why girls care so much about their looks. Guess guys(me)will never understand. - Therandom

4 Skill and talent doesn't rely on looks

Precisely. If a girl I liked had a hacksaw for a nose, and was still intelligent and charming, I'd still like her as much as I would if she didn't. - PositronWildhawk

5 It is easier to love personality than looks

This is a truely inspiring list - CerealGuy

6 Looks don't make you fit in with anyone else
7 If people don't like you for who you are, they don't care for you
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1. Personality is what makes a person
2. You don't choose what you look like
3. Looks have nothing to do with personality
1. Personality is what makes a person
2. You don't choose what you look like
3. Looks have nothing to do with personality
1. Personality is what makes a person
2. Looks have nothing to do with personality
3. You don't choose what you look like


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