Reasons Lord of the Rings is Better Than Harry Potter

I like both Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, but Lord of the Rings is much better. This is my personal opinion, so please don't take it too seriously. Any other reasons are welcome!

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21 It has better morals

Lotr has hopelessly outdated morality, good for its time but now we have moved on

22 Better battles

Tons of people fight. Only 5 or less people fight in harry potter

Of course, LOTR battles are far more intense, HP is just bland and uninteresting

23 It's more entertaining
24 It was the first of its kind

Lott made fantasy look cool.

25 Ron is dumb

Sam is a better Sidekick because he saves Frodo and carried him up Mount Doom Ron is always scared

He looks just plain dumb

Ron is quite dumb.

Not only is he dumb, he is a jerk and is always covered in pizza stains. And how many times in the backround does he look like he's peeing(hint hint goblet of fire)

26 It won a lot of Oscars, and HP got nominated, but didn't win any

Oscars don't prove anything, unless you're telling me that Crash is better than Batman Begins

27 Acting was terrible, and NO character development

I agree. Harry is still immature, hermione is still a know-it-all, and ron is still just flat out STUPID.

28 More developed world in Lord of the Rings

Tolkien has written 12 books altogether, and apart from the six LotR and Hobbit books, the other six are there for the backstory of middle earth. Harry potter might have London, but to be honest, settings like Mordor and the mines of Moria far outpass that.

29 Eowyn is better than Hermione

Eowyn is better than Hermione because of her fight. She picks a sword and defeat the greatest evil sidekick. And Hermione just says words and moves her wand.

30 Harry Potter is aimed mostly at younger kids

Harry Potter is aimed at and is more suitable for younger kids while Lord of The Rings is suitable for mostly all ages, from 9 to infinity as long as the reader understands Tolkien's language. Yes, it is true that there are adults who claimed to enjoy reading Harry Potter but the majority of Lord of the Rings readers are far more than Harry Potter readers. In all word, Lord of The Rings win. No competition here.

It's actually aimed at all audiences

31 It has a better storyline

Along the way to mount doom, Frodo, Sam, and the fellowship of the ring face many problems, they don't just teleport or use magic to make the journey.

32 In Tolkien's works, Middle Earth geography and culture is explored. In Harry Potter, we know little of wizarding culture outside of the UK.
33 The characters in LOTR are changing

In HP, Harry stills a nervous wizard, Hermione knows all all the time and Ron stills an idiot.
In LOTR, Boromir says that Gondor needs no king and after she calls Aragorn "My King". Gimli hates elfs, but after he becomes a friend with Legolas. Sam is a shy gardener, but after she becomes brave and save Frodo.

34 The races in LOTR are not important

In HP if you're not a wizard, you're considered as an idiot (I'm not speaking about Hermione because she was intelligent and it's why she was choosen.). In LOTR no matter if you're an elf or a dwarf you can become friend. OK, in the LOTR some elves hates dwarfs, but it's showed that we can change it.

35 Lord of the Rings is only for ages 16 and over while Harry Potter is for ages 13 and over

Yeah, so?

36 Lord of the Rings has an actual sequel/prequel; the Hobbit

Unlike Harry Potter, LOTR has a prequel that makes sense; Harry Potter only has Part 1 and Part 2 which doesn't even apply. That doesn't count.

37 Lord of the Rings is better written

Lord of the Rings is very beautifully written with archaic words. Harry Potter on the other hand feels like it is written by a 12 year old.

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