Top 10 Reasons to Lose Faith In Cartoon Network

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21 Rejected Courage the Cowardly Dog reboot from creators

Courage the cowardly dog was a good show. Thanks to you cartoon network!

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22 Giving Teen Titans Go! a fourth season

I even saw the fourth season of Teen Titans Go. Yep, Cartoon Network has gone downhill.

Nooo! Why must you ruin my childhood Cartoon Network Whyyy?!

23 They didn't respect Craig McCracken's wishes for the Powerpuff Girls series to be left alone.

That was not nice! Cristina Miller and Stuart Synder! How could you become total douchebags to Craig McCracken? - Fandomstuck

24 They let LGBT couples slide
25 Sexist and demonic content found in their modern shows
26 Boomerang got rid of most of the good classics
27 They do everything for profit and exploitation and not their viewers

Like how else does the reboots get aired more than the shows that everyone prefers to watch but are often forced to watch online because cartoon network doesn't air it much? - Ruee

28 They don't respect the creators of the shows they air

The steven universe crew literally has to fight to have air time and it ends up being mostly steven bombs and then long hiatuses over and over again. - Ruee

And they don't air Adventure Time anymore.Pendleton ward must be sad about this.

29 They cancelled Outlaw Star from Toonami
30 They didn't let any shows besides Clarence and Steven Universe show homosexuality
31 They endorse Jacob Sartorious
32 Regular Show and Adventure Time are Ending in 2018

No no no no no no no no. This isn't real God. Cartoon Network IS ENDING REGULAR SHOW AND ADVENTURE TIME. WHY WON'T YOU CANCEL TEEN TITANS GO. Cartoon Network, Thanks a lot you little kids.

33 They Cancelled MixIt from Their Website
34 No Outlaw Star
35 No Trigun
36 No Cowboy Bebop
37 Regular Show ending in 2017
38 Steven Universe got a crossover a bit too early
39 Poor Scheduling

Whoever is in charge of the current airing schedule is ultimately to blame for the growing animosities. TTG could have been written off as a love or hate it kind of show (similar to MAD in that regard) but the current show scheduling has it taking up entire weekend blocks, which leads to overexposure and as a result has led to growing annoyance among many fans of the network. In recent times not only has TTG been guilty of this but also Cloudy with a Chance of meatballs (which is generally mediocre) and Amazing World of Gumball (which is mostly loved, but overexposed). As a result some of the more beloved shows like Steven Universe, Adventure Time and We Bare Bears get less screen time, which is what probably led to stuff like the AT Specials and Steven Bombs being made as compensation. Even newer shows like Justice League Action and Mighty Magiswords have been snuffed due to this scheduling, the latter usually showing the internet shorts instead.

It's really an issue because ...more

40 Reairing Season 1 Amazing World of Gumball
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