Top 10 Reasons to Lose Faith In Nickelodeon's Shows


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1 Nickelodeon abuses butt-humor jokes

Why I never watch Nickelodeon anymore - MorganChambz

I remember when I first saw the ad for Sanjay and Craig, I saw the snake and thought, "hey, I like snakes" so when the show aired, I decided to check it out. The theme song started... and I lost all faith in Nickelodeon. - BeanBag343

The biggest example being Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig. Worst Nickelodeon shows ever. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

What about invader zim? We want invader zim back?

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2 Poor animation skills

Don't you hate it when cartoons use pictures off of Google and don't try to animate their own characters? - MorganChambz

3 It Brain-washes kids to love their crappy shows

That's what Nick is doing to kids these days, it brain-washes them to love crappy shows, those shows have actors who had little or no training, they don't have any plot whatsoever, they have no good morals, just bad ones, and they have cheesy stereotypical drama that's not realistic or suspensful, if yo want to watch good cartoons, watch Gravity Falls on Disney Channel instead. - nelsonerico

4 It's aging group used to be 7-14 now it's 5-9

Nickelodeon used to feel like it was for the whole family. Anyone whether they were young or old could enjoy early Spongebob, early Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, Jimmy Neutron, My Life as a Teenage Robot, Drake and Josh, the Amanda Show, Ned's Declassified, the Rugrats, Chalkzone, and Invader Zim. Now, the only age group that watches Nickelodeon is 5-7 year olds who have never been exposed to good television. - BeanBag343

Yup. RIP All That, Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Kenan and Kel, Drake and Josh, The Wild Thornberrys, Zoey 101, Rocket Power, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, Clarissa Explains it All, Doug, The Amanda Show, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and other awesome Nick shows of the '90s and early 2000s that I sadly don't remember the names to. - Anonymousxcxc

I'm 10 and this is when I started hating nick when I was 5 I started to ate shows like fanboy and chum chum and breadwinners when I was 6 I started hating there live action shows when I was 7 I started seeing how much of a rip-off it was as well as starting to only like SpongeBob and fop when I was 8 I relised that they need to end as well of not liking one show on the channel.m I wish I was around for things like rugrats neds declassified invader zim and keenan and kel

The Thundermans, Breadwinners, and PGBC sucks so hard! I want the old shows back or make good shows for once!

5 Nick only wants the money

Same as above, Nick doesn't care about their fans or the qualities of their shows. - MorganChambz

MorganChambz, this list is true, especially this item. There is a show called "The Tommorow People" (A The CW show) with an awesome plot and great acting, but only gets 2 millions of views while Breadwinners, one of the crappiest cartoons ever made, got the same number of views and gets another season. That proves that Nickelodeon only cares about money - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

6 Nick will pick anything up, but they didn't pick up Adventure Time

For example: Nick picked up Fred off of YouTube, Nick picked up Raving Rabbids off of a video game, Nick picked up breadwinners off of YouTube, Nick just want the money, they don't care about their quality of their shows. - MorganChambz


7 Crappy Sit-Coms

Nick, are you trying to pull a Disney on us? Are you jealous Disney gets nearly 4 million views on each of their shows while you get around 100,000-1,000,000 views? The only high-rated show you got is SpongeBob, cancel it and you are through, SpongeBob once nearly got 10 million views in Truth or Square, and he nearly got 7 million views in his first episode, Just face it Nick, you clearly ran out of ideas and now you are copying ideas from your rivals, I wish Disney would sue your butts off for copying their shows. - MorganChambz

Ok, I might need to cool down after I wrote this. I Apologize in advance. THEIR SITCOMS ARE THE WORST! All they really have for sitcoms are dan schneider, who has made show for them since the very late eighties. Except dan Schneider isn't as good as he once imwas. He now makes shows I can't stand, and this is the same guy who made icarly and drake and josh! In game shakers, all the characters SCREAM their lines. And in Henry danger, everything is stupid, the plots seem like rough drafts, and the adults act like chimpanzees on steroids. If you want to see how stupid Henry danger is, all you need to know is that there is a super hero named CAPTAIN MAN! When there isn't dan Schneider, they just make you face palm and you don't actually think they know what teenagers like to do. For example, there was a show called talia in the kitchen and she ONE time texted "I'm going to get my cook on at Lola's! " Need I say more?!

Breadwinners and Sanjay and Craig are tied for the worst shows ever in my book. - MorganChambz

I'm sick of sitcoms already!

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8 Bad Plot, Bad writing and scripting

Who cares if 2 boys squirt mayo on their heads all that and lick each other's butts - MorganChambz

This includes Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners and Modern SpongeBob. All 3 suck. - EpicJake

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9 Nick picks up the bad shows up for a 2nd and 3rd season but cancels the good ones after 1 season

I think winx club was the best show on Nickelodeon, then those money-grabbing thots stopped airing it in May 2014 - MorganChambz

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10 Cancelled CatDog, Hey Arnold, and Rugrats

THEY DID WHAT?! When I am older and have a high paying job with good degrees in college then I am so going to sue Nick. - Anonymousxcxc

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11 Bad morals, bad role models

They teach kids it's okay to be naked in public. - MorganChambz

"I guess crying does solve your problems" -SpongeBob SquarePants
YOU'VE REALLY DONE IT THIS TIME, Nickelodeon. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

12 They try too hard to be "cool" V 1 Comment
13 Low Ratings

That's what led to the death of The Legend of Korra,

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14 Nick hiring untalented, terrible TV writers

Nick hires untalented writers nowadays and very few to 0 talented writers.

That's what I want to do Anonymousxcxc. I want to one day reboot PPG, but with good art and story, unlike the 2016 version. I am an artist and I would love to come up with the episodes. And make it have good animation. I also want to ask what the fans would like or dislike, so I wont ruin the reboot- AnimeDrawer85

15 Not canceling SpongeBob

Actually, it's getting better, since the writer is back, and it's in healthy condition again, we don't need it cancelled anymore, it got bad after 2004, but it got better again since 2015, it's a true fact and not a joke.

Honestly? I don't think SpongeBob is getting any better. It only went from atrocious to boring. Please cancel it.

16 SpongeBob Getting Worse and Worse

That was what happened since 2004, after Steven Hillenburg retired, but he has come back and the show is improving, but it still hasn't aired Season 10 yet.

17 They Didn't See The Hidden Awesomeness Of Rocko's Modern Life

They were just too stupid to put the show on demand for adult audiences. Enough said. - xandermartin98

18 The Premiere of The Mighty B!

Am I the only one who acctuly liked this show?

i love it.

19 Inappropriate Shows

All of the shows from 2006 to the present are inapropriate, especially when they use their ideas in the wrong way, that's what all shows are like on Nick now except for ONE show that isn't even as popular as SpongeBob SquarePants or The Fairly OddParents. The content and ideas on this one new show are being used the right way, making it appropriate for all audiences, but it's not a cartoon and only comes on with a 5 day strip of episodes once in a while, and it's just one good show, which isn't enough for a previously good network.

Lest we forget The Naked Brothers Band. It started off as a movie, with the strongest words in a movie that is mostly for kids. I love it when children are treated with no IQ at all (please note the sarcasm). - The Ultimate Daredevil


They even did something inappropriate on Oggy & the Cockroaches when they showed a woman's breast in a background picture on the wall, this is why the show got banned, and also shows you that Nick is becoming very inappropriate for all audiences.

20 The Premiere of Bella & the Bulldogs

Worst concept of Football and very stereotypical too.

It's actually American Football and yeah it's pretty stereotypical. - Anonymousxcxc

More like BELLY and the bulldogs! No? Imma leave-KyokoKuchisakeSuccubi

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1. Poor animation skills
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3. It Brain-washes kids to love their crappy shows
1. Nick only wants the money
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