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1 They have good concepts and storylines

Many times concepts like racism, bullying, world peace, war, and love are woven into the story. Like, Elfen Lied explains how cruel humans can be and how that cruelty causes other people to hate.

The story sometimes even continue from one another

The story's are really about something. - egnomac

2 The animation is well done
3 They have unique art styles

True. For example, their eyes are slightly different, hair styles, etc. It really depends on the manga artist and the development of the animation.

Not really. all animes have the same art style. they always have been.

4 There are different genres to choose from

Honestly almost all anime has action (more or less). I wanna choose an anime which doesn't involve action.which will I see? - zxm

5 The characters are likeable
6 There are a lot of them
7 The characters have real emotions
8 You get to learn new cultures
9 The conclusions bring a good ending

Once the show is over, if you're watching a good Anime, the results will be good. - EpicJake

10 There are interesting stories

Even Pokemon have interesting stories as well.

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11 The introductions get you into the anime early
12 There is one for everyone
13 The women are both beautiful and strong

That's not true. Not every anime fan LIKES that. So if media does it, it's fine but since it's anime, stupid American cartoon fans use this reason to hate. Low lives.

Mostly because the anime fans like the busty girls with the gigantic asses when they are in those mini bikinis.

No they don't. Anime is AWESOME. HATERS STFU

14 They can be as violent as any movie
15 There's an anime for every age group
16 The writers put effort into the shows
17 It's mature
18 They can live up to your expectations and beyond

That's what I really love about anime. They often go beyond my expectations and I love it. - Kiteretsunu

You must be easily amused then.

19 There are some you can hate on

Ok that may be true, by why should that even be a reason? man all these haters have no lives that they have to make others feel like crap if they don't like it

20 They feature great battles
21 They have awesome opening and ending songs

П��Don't say you are "lazy"🎵I love that song and the anime is also great - MLPFan

22 It can have emotional scenes that seem real
23 It can have subtle foreshadowing and still put a surprise
24 The females are often attractive looking
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1. The animation is well done
2. There are interesting stories
3. The characters are likeable
1. They have good concepts and storylines
2. There are different genres to choose from
3. The characters have real emotions
1. They have good concepts and storylines
2. They have unique art styles
3. There are a lot of them

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