Top Ten Reasons to Love The Beatles

The Top Ten

1 They are legends

We all know they are legends. But why? What made them considered to be legends? This better be the title of the list, not the "reason". - TheRegular1227

2 They made the world a better place
3 They made artists writing songs the standard
4 They always put out their best in their music
5 John Lennon was a good role model

Sadly, because of this, both of him and his band became worldwide phenomenon, and that caused the murder of John Lennon. The culprit happened to be one of his fans Mark Chapman, who was... a bit insane. - TheRegular1227

Definitely. Take incredible amounts of LSD, cheat on your wife, donate money to a terrorist organization. The youth of today couldn't do much better. - PetSounds

People saying he was a jerk, wife beater. Are you mad? Oh and famous people have taken drugs.

I love John Lennon, but I do have to admit he was kind of a jerk.

6 They all had good songs as solo artists
7 The Abbey Road album is great
8 They could vary up their style when they wanted
9 The song "Come Together" is amazing
10 They have fans all over the world

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11 They're creative
12 They're family friendly

Then why do primary schools allow Yellow Submarine to be sang in music lessons?
I have been a fan since I was little.
Yellow Submarine is a kids film.

Family friendly? Yeah, because songs about drugs and sex are so family friendly (! ) Seriously, what kind of moron posted this one? The Beatles were not much better than today's family-unfriendly pop artists.

Then someone should/must remake this list. We need more accurate reasons to love them. - TheRegular1227

13 They play a big part in music
14 They knew what they were doing
15 They are the biggest-selling musicians of all time
16 They're one of the most influential bands of all time
17 They're nice

I ignore the internet on who they call not nice.
You say he wasn't too nice are you from America? Duh you would say that with his Jesus joke.

They are nice, but John Lennon wasn't too nice.

18 Their song "Let It Be" is good
19 They got popular because they wrote what they wanted to see. Not what focus groups wanted to see
20 They're funny
21 They're better looking than manufactured boybands

They are one of the FIRST boy bands except the word boy band didn't exist.

22 Early Beatles songs are the best

According to my mum and she was 15 years old so I will listen to her.

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