Top Ten Reasons to Love Boys

*Please read this description before reading this list*
1. I created this list to tell people that I love boys just as much as I love girls. Before you think that this list is too sexist, check out my other list called "Top 10 Ways Girls & Women are Awesome."
2. None of the traits listed below apply to every boy in the world. However, the majority of boys (and girls) have these traits listed below.
3. The vast majority of girls have the traits listed below as well.
4. If you are a boy (or a girl who enjoys boys), then this list is for you.
5. If you are a girl, and you find this list sexist, then visit the list called "Top 10 Ways Girls & Women are Awesome" instead. I also made that list, and I love boys and girls equally.

The Top Ten

1 If boys never existed, then girls would not have existed, either.

I believe this.


2 They're strong
3 They're funny

Yeah. They make me laugh more than my friend girls do. - Hermione_Granger220

4 They're handsome

Thank ya, thank ya very much. - HaydenFullwright

5 They're laid back
6 Their interests are diverse
7 They're good at math

I'll have to disagree here. I'm a boy and I kinda suck at math. - HaydenFullwright

8 They're sweet

One certain guy (who turns out to be my crush) actually complents me. He’s really nice and says I’m smart. It makes me really happy especially if I’m having a bad day. - Hermione_Granger220

9 They're cool
10 They're intriguing
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