Top Ten Reasons to Love Christianity

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1 Christianity is all about Love.

I'm pretty sure 2 other people already made this list - ryanrimmel

Then why do most of you hate homosexuals? - LandonWatson

We don't. It was society itself which hated homosexuals & persecuted them. Not Christianity. - clusium

2 Christianity is responsible for most of the charities in the world.
3 Christmas is a Christian holiday.

So the main reason to love Christianity is because they have holidays that involve presents.

Doesn't make sense man - ryanrimmel

That was a light-hearted reason. Try not to take everything so seriously. - clusium

It's also the most awful period of the year. Everybody sqeezing in stores to buy presents. Prices that are higher than usual. Giving presents to someone you see maybe twice a year because you don't like him / her too much but you are forced to give him something. All that to say that I love Christianity?

Its also a holiday that people are also obsessed with. Ever heard of the guy who celebrates it every single day. Andy Park, Mr Christmas, he's got a website too.

4 Christianity inspired hospitals.
5 Christians are persecuted in many parts of the world.

I think it's a shame and really scandalous that Christians get persecuted for their beliefs but despite that horrible fact I will remain atheist and not love the religion suddenly.

Millions of people have died for their Christian faith.

6 Easter is a Christian holiday.
7 Christianity teaches forgiveness.

That, I will agree with! - LandonWatson

8 Christianity teaches patience.
9 Christianity teaches humility.
10 Christianity has inspired so many beautiful works of art.

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11 Christianity inspired millions of deaths

You could've added this to "Reasons To Hate Christianity" you know.
A Christian. - RiverClanRocks

12 Its all about God

Sorry but I'm an atheist and I would never say like in this comment that I read here that I hate Christianity. I think that all lists should be respected and only for sharing opinions and debate as adults on those opinions. It's not because I'm an atheist that I will start to insult people who believes in a god.

I hate Christianity. I love both list Reasons to Hate Christians and Reasons Why Christianity is Terrible. I also love the list Reasons Not To Believe in God. Best Lists Ever!

Vvv Wow you an giant Christian hater you maybe must be an atheist who thinks Christianity is poison to universe...Well this is why internet atheists are butthurt people. (Expect My Friends)

13 Protestants Helped Reduced Illiteracy
14 Loving people
15 Helping people
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