Top Ten Reasons to Love the Chuckle Brothers

Paul Elliott and Barry Elliott more famously known as the Chuckle Brothers are entertainment icons beloved throughout Britain. Here are the reasons why they are so well loved.

The Top Ten

1 ChuckleVision

This show was what propelled them to stardom and it ran for 21 seasons from 1987 to 2009. Re-watching an old episode really brings back fond memories of fun and laughter.

2 They're witty and funny

They crack a lot of jokes all of which are made all that more funny by their charisma and delivery.

3 Their humor appeals to all ages

ChuckleVision is seen as a children's show because of the slapstick, yet adults can enjoy the show as well for some of the more clever jokes and play on words kids might not understand.

4 They're really nice people

A mate of mine said one of his course tutors met the Chuckle Brothers, and he said they were two of the nicest celebrities he's ever met. Genuine and humble people who don't act like dicks towards their fans.

5 They've been in entertainment for over 20 years

Their humour and popularity has had the staying power that a lot of others lack.

6 Their visual gags

Who doesn't enjoy a little bit of slapstick here and there? Especially when it's sped up and has funny music playing over it.

7 Their memorable catchphrases

Anyone who's a fan of them can quote such likes as "To Me, To You" and "Silly Me, Silly You".

8 Their style of humor is inoffensive

Nowadays it's hard to find comedians who don't swear or crack offensive jokes. The Chuckle Brother's family friendly style of humour is always welcomed.

9 Jimmy and Brian Patton

Their older brothers who also appear in episodes of ChuckleVision, they also bring their comedy and memorable catchphrases to the table such as "No slacking".

10 They're silly in a lovable way

Despite often making a mess of things in ChuckleVision you can tell they had good intentions and it was still funny to see themselves get into those circumstances in the first place.

The Contenders

11 Their Live Shows

Year in, year out they tour the UK and make thousands of children and adults laugh. Always provide a good show

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