Reasons to Love Cream the Rabbit


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1 She's sweet

Cream is super sweet and super cute and that's one of the best traits about her.

2 She's cute

Not only that she's cute, she's also very attractive next to Tails. Cream would fit so perfectly well with Tails.

She is really cute and is it bad that I have a crush on her?

She's the best for Tails!

3 She is underrated

Cream needs lots of love and praise

She needs more love.

She needs lots of love and respect

Get well soon, Cream. You deserve a lots of support!

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4 Her relationship with the chao

They have a perfect bond for each other and their relationship is great

5 She is kind

Cream is super kind and gentle she can be very super playful even in a soft and comfortable way

6 She is caring

Cream looks out for her anyone in need of help even the most at any situations including her friends and even her mother

7 She has character development

We would also like to know about her true backstory and more. Cream has lots of potential and she deserve to be a great hero.

Cream has great reasons for being one of the best heroes ever and she loves to help her friends and she will do anything in her power to help and protect people, defeat bad guys, and save the day.

8 She is a good friend to her friends

Cream cares about her friends and she would do whatever it takes to help them. She deserves to fight along side them against all their enemies and save the day. Cream has a great opportunity to show her friends how super great and super fantastic she really is in order to impress them so that they have high respect for her and they would even invite her to join their team. Cream deserves to be a popular active hero and time for Cream to beat up super villains and save the day. her mother would be so happy she would also want to be a hero and save the day.

9 Her powers are amazing

Cream is super powerful and she is not to be underestimated.

Cream's powers are super fantastic and she can also do a lot more with them. Cream can attack her enemies with everything she can throw that them, even beat up villain to knock them out. Not only that, she should do super dynamic acrobatic moves and tricks, plus she can use her stealth to distract her enemies, and her super enhanced flight abilities. that would be fantastic combination in every conceptual category next to all other powerful sonic characters.

10 She has big adorable eyes

Her eyes do look pretty and adorable

Her eyes color should be changed to pink and they would really look adorable

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11 She has a pretty voice

Her voice really sounds super sweet

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12 She deserves more attention

And Cream deserves a bigger role.

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13 She knows how to defend herself and others in need

Cream would be a great hero when it come to helping people in need even the most.

14 She likes to have fun and be great

Cream is really gonna have a great time with all sorts of fun and games.

15 She is brave and heroic

Cream would do whatever it takes to make a stand and be there for anyone in need of help.

16 She's supportive and helpful

Cream would love to support and help everyone so that they can do all sorts of great things.

17 She's super great at fighting crime

Any time all sorts of villains come to cause all sorts of trouble, Cream will defeat them and help everyone in need. She really is powerful and super useful.

18 She's really friendly

You would really get to know her very well

19 She's really playful

Cream would really love to play around and have all sort of fun

20 She's smart and mature

Cream knows what she's doing and she's aware of everything. She know how to be mature and independent even if she's young, she's really capable of handling lots of things that comes her way.

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