Top 10 Reasons to Love Graham Chapman

Graham Chapman was an outstanding man. He was born on January 8th, 1941. He made people laugh, and after hearing his story, possibly made people cry. He thought the unthinkable. He fought the indestructible. And had faced many challenges in his life. And after fighting all of those challenges so much, he ended up flying free as a bird. And he flew into a better place. Sir Graham Arthur Chapman, died on October 4th, 1989. He was only 48. He had a long life ahead of him, but how can we not forget all of those challenges he faced? For heavens sake, this man is the definition of a fighter. And ONLY lived for 48 years. 48. So you see, we mustn't remember this man for being a homosexual. For being an alcoholic. We must remember him for how much he fought, and how he won in the end of it all. Let us all remember, Sir Graham Chapman.

The Top Ten

1 He was a perfect example of a fighter

Graham didn't let his sexuality get in his way. He didn't let anything get in his way. He would make an effort of trying to put it to rest. His biggest problem was being a raging alcoholic. That might've been the reason why Cleese left the show. But, even though it was tough, Graham tried so hard to put it to rest, just to make other people happy. - MontyPython

2 His personality

Graham must've been a nice guy since he studied medicine and worked at hospitals. But by watching the funeral attendance, he sounded smart, stubborn, polite, cocky, charming, curious, laid back, naive, ext. He must've had a lot of emotion and kindness for others since he had a big heart that was filled with multiple personalities. - MontyPython

3 He was afraid to come out of the closet, but decided to do so anyway.

Around 1967, Graham finally confessed that he was a homosexual. The media didn't really seem to care. One day, an irate critic told the Python's, "One of the men in your group is a homosexual. He should be put to rest or kicked out." Most of the media didn't really know about Graham, so they began to inspect. But hey! Thanks to his good friend Eric, they didn't find out. - MontyPython

4 His writing

Graham wrote a lot of the sketches for Monty Python. During writing, Cleese and him wrote their most famous sketch, "Dead Parrot". - MontyPython

5 His acting

Boy could this guy act! He was hilarious! Playing the furiously confused Anti-Spam woman, the curiously naive Brian, and the cocky King Arthur. Those were some of his best roles! Graham had a lot of attitude and his character Brian actually seemed pretty realistic like for a scrawny young adult. - MontyPython

6 His humor

Not just on stage, but also off stage. He could brighten anybody's day by just telling a simple joke. - MontyPython

7 His attitude
8 His smile
9 His roles
10 His looks
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