Top Ten Reasons to Love Hayley Williams

For all those wondering why the Paramore front lady is seen as such a great person here are the top ten reasons why.
The Top Ten
1 Her legs

She should insure her legs, the same way Taylor Swift did

She has the hottest legs in this world

Hayley has nice legs and you know it

Sexy thick pale legs

2 Her feet

Cute pale feet

3 Her skin

Her skin tone is so beautiful

Flawless pale skin

Natural beauty

4 Voice of an angel

Sure she does a lot of screaming but someone like her can make that still sound beautiful, especially when she sings softly.


5 Her arms

Beautiful armpits (check reddit)

She has biceps

6 Very good live

If you've ever seen a Paramore live show Hayley is stunning. They always aim to put on a good show and her voice transcends well in live performances.

7 She's beautiful

Shes not beautiful, shes the most perfect human being on the earth! All those above and below do not show or describe how amazing she is! She is the definition of perfection! X

I swear she can take on any hairstyle and make it look good, redhead, blonde, pink, whatever. She just has natural beauty.

She isn't just beautiful on the outside. Her heart is absolutely beautiful.

Shes a goddess among us

8 She is sexy

Hottest body ever!

9 She's very nice and friendly

She's also very good friends with country superstar Taylor Swift.

If she sees this tell them I'm here

10 She's a fighter

Ever since the Farro bros departure the band went through a tough time, any lesser band would've been on hiatus but for Hayley and co they soldiered on picked themselves up again and still carried on playing. Whatever doesn't kill her only makes her stronger.

The Contenders
11 She's a sensitive soul

When singing she's really good at conveying her emotions and you can feel for her I.E. listen to Conspiracy off Paramore's debut album.

12 She's a good role model for young girls

Whilst a lot of celebrities are seen as material girls Hayley doesn't splash out on fancy cars or expensive houses. She also doesn't drink, smoke or do drugs.

13 She's a great song writer
14 Has tried out different musical styles

Seriously, listen to Paramore's self titled album. It's very different but it's done in such a way that they still have such relatable lyrics, catchy tunes and their other trademarks.

15 She has abs
16 She's opposed to animal cruelty
17 Her face
18 She's multi-talented

She's mostly known as a singer, but I bet you didn't know she can play drums and guitar as well.

19 Her colorful hair

Orange red! Looks good on her

20 Her punk rock style

Her style ranges from pop to pop punk, paramore has never really played any pure-punk. That isn't to say it isn't good just you are mislabeling her music.

21 Her sarcasm
22 She's quirky
23 She's dating Chad Gilbert

And actually are engaged

24 She's small but powerful
25 She exposes her belly on stage without fear

... And without looking like a slut.

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