Top 10 Reasons to Love Heavy Metal

Now before you all ask, I want to say I'm not one of those ignorant and biased rock/metal fans on this website and this isn't a list trying to force people to love metal. I like all kinds of music. But I honestly think metal gets really accused of being "satanic" more than any other music genre. metal is not satanic ok? It's just harmless entertainment. Metal can actually prevent people from suicide and murder because most metal lyrics say you are not the only one that is angry in the world.
And you people do know that Christian Metal exists right?

Anyway, here are the top 10 reasons to love heavy metal. Just a reminder, this list is not trying to force you to love metal. Enjoy whatever you want.

The Top Ten Reasons to Love Heavy Metal

1 It is Very Broad
2 It Gets the Adrenaline Pumping

Because of people's love for metal, because of the magic which metal do on people - Ananya

3 It Talks About Very Meaningful Things

Yeah, like politics, religion, love, friendship, and anger.

4 Great Lyrics

Out of all music lyrics metal is the best. I'm more of a punk Than a metalhead but I still think that metal has better lyrics, And Plain Rock and roll lyrics don't have that much meaning at all,(not counting qeen,Led zeplin And David bowie they're great! ) and when listening to songs like orion by METALICA I get Goose Bumbs

5 Great Guitar Riffs
6 It Isn't Overplayed
7 Mosh Pits
8 It Can Prevent Suicide

In my opinion this is true. For an example, the songs of the swedish power metal band Twilight Force helped me to stay strong through a very difficult time of depression because their lyrics are very positive just like the music sounds.

9 Music Festivals
10 It's Not at All Satanic

I'm an atheist. - Fandomstuck

The Contenders

11 There Is Christian Metal

As I Lay Dying, For Today, The Devil Wears Prada, August Burns Red, Demon Hunter, Stryper, Mortification, Tourniquet, Deliverance, Vengeance Rising, Believer, Living Sacrifice, Barren Cross, Saint, and X-Sinner are all good Christian Metal bands.


12 Cool Artwork
13 It Has Lots of Different Subgenres

Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Doom Metal
Black Metal
Speed Metal
Power Metal
Heavy Metal
Sludge Metal
Stoner Metal
Progressive Metal
You name it, we got it.

14 It Toughens You Up

When I work out, I put on some metal to motivate me to work out.

15 Double Kick
16 Not All of It Is Loud and Has Screaming
17 Most Great Bands are Unknown
18 Not All of It Is Violent
19 It's a Normal Genre of Music
20 Most Metal Artists are Christian

Don't forget Dave Mustaine, Tom Araya, and Dave Lombardo!

That's true, Laine stailey is a Catholc, Avenged Sevenfold is catholic, Glenn danzig is protestant, and ozzy is catholic.

21 It Doesn't Make You Crazy
22 It Doesn't Make You Depressed
23 It's Good for Exercising
24 It Can Either Be Focused on Strong Humor and/or Severe Action
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