Top Ten Reasons to Love Japan

The Japanese are often a subject of bad things-- like for instance, harakiri, "racism" issue and the like-- but I'll prove everyone wrong that the Japanese aren't the way you think.

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1 Respect, courtesy and politeness are rooted and instilled in their language.

Ok, they curse. Nice to know because I've never heard any Japanese curse before. I've heard Americans curse like shooting bullets though (usually in schools). From my experiences, they are very polite, and friendly. FWI, if you don't like Japanese people, I'll tell you this, when I started learning Japanese, There was a simple word they say a certain way to sound more polite. I definitely agree with the respect rooted in their language.

Excuse me, person who said that people are rude. I am Japanese and I lived in Japan for most of my life and the people their are so nice to me. I go back to visit there once a year and I never get sick of it. Even if Japanese people do curse, they wouldn't do it in front of tourists or guest because they know it's impolite

Japanese are the most respectful, polite, civilized, and modest people that I have known so far. No wonder when they go everywhere, people like to see them with awe.

I have been to Japan 5 times. It is my favorite country in the world. The people are very nice. I would like to live there in the future.

2 The environment is almost Utopian.

No, Japan is not perfect and never will be. There are shootings in schools and public places in Japan as well, not just in other countries. There is nothing "perfect" about Japan. I bet none of you have been to Japan, you just believe in Japanese stereotypes. In Japan, they also have a very high obesity rate as well

I don't recall ever being to Japan, but is it me, or are you describing the USA? I'm not trying to be offensive or anything though! I live in the USA all my life I think! AND I LOVE IT HERE!

I used to live in Japan and let me tell you it was Utopian to me. Shootings at school almost never happen and it's so safe that students from first grade normally walk to school with their friends. The culture is awesome and you should try the food even though they sound disgusting

I love Japan! It's my lifelong dream to go to Japan. There is so much I'd like to know about their culture!

I don't know about that. But they do have a structured lifestyle and peace and eat healthy. I love Japan

3 Theft or stealing is a rarity.

I heard that an envelope containing 50,000 yen ( $ 500 ) was dropped at a bus stop. It was turned in anonymously to a police station and the person who dropped it was able to retrieve it. Any rewards offered to the anonymous hero was turned down. There are many cases like this- wallets forgotten on train seats are turned in, cellphones are still there if you leave them on a bench. I personally had an experience when I was younger. I dropped my toy on the ground in front of someone's house without noticing. On my way home, it had been propped up on their fence, instead of still being left on the ground for people to trample on. Japan is an awesome place!

I always feel safe in Japan and don't need to worry about closing my bag properly or something getting taken from my pocket. It's great to feel so safe and just enjoy the country.

I haven't lost anything in Japan...ever

4 The people there are very accommodating.

Visit an onsen (hot spring). The people who work there are so nice and respectful

So true. I love Japan.

5 Japanese people value simplicity.

True...I'm Japanese...not a huge fan of fancy things

6 Anime

Japanese anime shows like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Doraemon, Crayon Shinchan, and Candy-Candy are always enjoyable. American cartoons are cool, but some of their stories are a bit too crude for my liking. Korean cartoons are not very well-made and cartoon design looks kind of bland.

Anyone, I don't care how old you are, can appreciate manga style animation. The creativity and character structures make things like One Piece honestly put things like Star Wars to shame.

Japan's Pokemon episodes: yeah guns and seizures and stuff yeah!
USA's Pokemon episodes: guns? Too inappropriate. Seizures? NO! :removes both episodes instead of fixing them:

I love animes so much. India doesn't permit those but I watch those via Internet and it's the main reason why I want to live in Japan after my 20's after leaving India.

7 The Japanese people are one of the most beautiful in the world.

I have seen a lot of Japanese and I can say that their beauty is very kind and makes you want to feel very comfortable. Plus they are very polite and are the most stylish people I have ever met. Even if they don't wear extreme cloths.

Not really the most beautiful, but they know how to dress themselves well, groom themselves well, and they know how to take care for their health.

They are truly beautiful - both from outside and d inside and the dressing sense (judging by odorites :P) is beautiful too! Be it western or traditional.. I'd like to try on a yukata some day..

Their beauty will make you insecure~even at the most simple way of their style, you can see that they don't need to decorate themselves heavily.

8 They gave us Nintendo

The Japan created Super Mario the best series ever and he have also created princess Daisy, my favourite video game character!

Rosalina & King DeDeDe are the two greatest Nintendo characters ever!

I love Nintendo. I love Pokémon, Zelda, Mario, and Animal Crossing. They will always be the greatest video game company on Earth.

Nintendo is life. Nintendo is love.

9 Technology

One good example of Japanese technology is the R-34 GTR Skyline.
The wing on the back can produce anywhere from 10-30 lbs. of downforce, and the entire body is one, big, active aero device. In the cockpit, the owner can plug into a computer on the bottom of the driver side seat (passenger seat in 'Murica) and can check how much G's the car has pulled that day and the day before. Also, there's a screen in the middle of the dash that lets the driver know how much boost they are pushing, their torque, and lateral G's. Also, it has GPS, which was quite new back in the late '90's to be fitted into the car. When the Skyline R-34 GTR was unveiled, it was the most technologically advanced the world. (Jeremy Clarkson reference).

Japanes technology is mind-blowing, advanced, well-made, well-engineered, well-maintained, refined, quirky, and reliable. Japanese technology is one of my favorites alongside with American and German technologies.

American technology is creative, innovative, stunning, mind-blowing, cool, inventive, and outstanding.

German technology is well-made, well-engineered, durable, high quality, superb, and well-maintained.

The technology kinda looks like space technology! (I'm still just a little kid, so I have... Well, imaginations)

Who knows? They might even already have a Nerve Gear or Amusphere already in place to beat the Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus!

10 The Japanese are very disciplined in every aspect of life.

I wish American children could be like them. I'm Laotian American and I try so hard to be disciplined like the Japanese. I could both be proud of my heritage and try to be disciplined like the Japanese.

I'm Japanese and I don't know if I'm disciplined properly because I lived in Australia for most of my life. For all I know, the schools discipline you a lot and so do your parents

The most disciplined people

Yes very true and very intellegent

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11 Rudeness is a taboo.

Japanese people don’t like to be treated rude and that’s why we don’t treat others rude either. (But I know there are ugly minded racist Japanese exist too especially in Internet...) Our traditional teaching in society is “don’t treat others the way you don’t want to be treated by others.” Japanese who’re rude to others are judged as not properly raised up by other Japanese. It’s absolutely taboo. Therefore, many Japanese like people from other countries who are polite. Such people are treated even better. Impolite people aren’t welcome, but still we welcome such people politely because we want to be humble, even against the people who are rude to us. We are torelate to the maximum revel of it. But when we feel like treated disgraceful, we might show you anger even it doesn’t look so scary... And please don’t get angry when you encounter people who don’t answer to you or leaving you with saying anything when you talk to you. They’re scared of “losing ...more

12 The Japanese are nature-loving people.

They always keep their environment as clean and as lovely as possible. I love on how the way they make their environment looks so comfortable.

Never mind the bad sides of technologies~they're making some ways to make it eco-friendly and etc.

Everything about them is great!

13 Naruto, One Piece or Bleach

Naruto is the best classic manga ever. I love Sasuke

The big three of Shonen Jump.

14 The Japanese are food-lovers.

Visited for a few weeks in April! The quality is outstanding...the food is the best I've ever had!
Sushi restaurants everywhere...I was never disappointed! I'll be going back for sure!

Sushi is the bomb!

Their food are always yummm~delicioso.

15 They have a very unique entertainment and culture

I love the Japanese people who appreciate art and culture.
However, they are incureable racists that hate all non-Japanese people. They teach racism in their schools and the News shows call all foreign people GaiKokujin which means "Outside Person. " So they think that others do not have any rights (like we are animals not people). If you don't believe me, go to Osaka. They are the worst most violent people I have met in my life.

Hey! I'm Japanese and I have many friends from different cultures. And also "GaiKokujin" actually mean "other country person"

"gaikokujin" simply means "foreigner". It doesn't have any positive or negative meaning, it's just plain "foreigner". When we say "gaijin",it's short for "gaikokujin" but it sometimes has a bad meaning.

16 Sushi

One of the world's most tastiest foods, but it's simply just raw fish and rice. It's so tasty yet so simple.

Never ate seaweed and don't want to really or octopus or clams

My brother and I LOVE sushi! It's our favorite food!

Best sushi anywhere!

17 Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

Japan is awesome because it has the greatest movie monsters ever! Godzilla is epic!

Which Godzilla are we talking about here? The Calsonic R-32, or the giant, atom-breathing lizard that destroys things?

It's not Godzilla. It is Gojira. If you're going to add a suggestion, make sure you know what you're talking about. -_-

18 Science
19 Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Aww, she's adorable. :3 - Gehenna

20 Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese are not racists.

I live in Japan and I hear people call Japanese people racist but I will tell you this. I'm black and Japanese so it's very noticeable that I'm American. An outsider. But I recently started going to a Japanese school and I couldn't believe it. Everyone loves Americans. They love outsiders because they're different and they're cool. They look racist because Japanese people are very quiet about their opinions but in their heads, when they see an American, they wish they could be an American themselves.

I lived in Japan and I came back to Australia so I was considered "Aussie" when I went back to Japan to the school, everyone was so nice to me. My cousin who lives in Japan told me that the schools aren't really multi cultural so you would stand out quite a lot. And people in Japan think it's cool if you can speak more than Japanese. And when I left that school, so many people gave me presents to say goodbye

I'm Japanese and I use the Japanese railway quite frequently. I see foreigners sitting on their own with no one trying to sit next to them, even when the trains are full. This may seem like the Japanese are racist, but it's just that we're not used to foreigners, and we get nervous lol
I sit next to them anyways though

They see English as "cool" which is why they often write things in English and then put Japanese subtitles below it.

21 Sakura
22 Tokyo Tokyo, officially Tokyo Metropolis, one of the 47 prefectures of Japan, has served as the Japanese capital since 1869. As of 2018, the Greater Tokyo Area ranked as the most populous metropolitan area in the world.
23 Japan is the country with the tastiest foods

Not only tasty, but also fresh and healthy.

24 Yokai
25 They make some of the most amazing art
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