Top Ten Reasons to Love Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is known for her bubbly, girl next door persona. But, what many don’t know is the lovable, “I Love Lucy” type character we came to know on the reality show “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica,” is also and very successful business woman. Here the top 10 reasons to love Jessica Simpson.

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1 She creates opportunities
2 She's a natural beauty
3 She can sing
4 She can act

She is actually a good actress.

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5 She's smart
6 She's got great personal style
7 She's a hopeless romantic
8 She’s normal

Aside from Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson has probably taken the most heat about her fluctuating weight in recent history. Jessica admitted to her struggles with weight in the past, but held her head high even in times of harsh ridicule. After giving birth to her first child, Maxwell Drew, the mogul revealed that she took the idea of eating for two literally. In true form, Jessica capitalized on all the negative media attention she received and inked a multi-million dollar deal with Weight Watchers to be a spokesperson for the brand. The second time around, Jessica said she learned from her first pregnancy and had a much healthier approach to eating. She has now created a maternity fashion line that has also done very well. - MaryL

9 She's produced hit television shows
10 She's America's top selling celebrity brand

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11 "A Public Affair"

Honestly the most lovable pop song along with "Stars are Blind! "

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