Reasons to Love The Loud House

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1 It is better than any Nickelodeon show ever

I won't say it's better than classic shows on Nickelodeon (like Rocko's Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy, and classic SpongeBob), but I will say it's one of the best cartoons Nick has aired in a REAL long time (but I will say it's better than Breadwinners, Rabbids Invasion, and especially the modern episodes of Fairly Odd Parents).

I think this should be changed to better than any Nickelodeon show CURRENTLY AIRING. As much as I love Loud House, it will never be the best Nickelodeon show to me. Rugrats, early FOP, and early Spongebob are still better.

I kinda agree with this list. I mean, it is currently the best nickelodeon show and it saved nickelodeon because of it.

Um... Is it bad If it think Harvey beaks and pig goat banana cricket Are better modern nickelodeon cartoons?

2 It has funny moments, gags and jokes

The scene where Lincoln and Lynn Sr. ended up in their underwear is funny.

Yes they make me crack

3 Luan cracks unfunny yet good puns and jokes

It's funny how nobody in the show laughs at Luan's jokes but I crack up every time! She reminds me of Sans from Undertale.

I love luan jokes they are funny

Luan has corny jokes

4 A good newspaper comic strip vibe
5 Lucy's spookiness and quotes are good

I like goth girls in anime and cartoons. When I first saw Lucy she instantly became my favorite character besides Luna and Lana. She is really well devoloped and a great character.

Yep. Lucy is one of the best characters.

6 Most of the episodes are funny

All the episodes are funny The Sweet Spot sounds cool!

7 Reminding of some 90s and early 2000s vibe

I try to picture when the show takes place..

8 It shows how amazing Lincoln breaking the fourth wall is

That's amazing

9 It is heartwarming, inspirational and interesting
10 Clyde and his father is black

One of his dads are white

That's kinda racist

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11 Lily is just plain cute

She totally is.

12 It portrays the LGBT community positively
13 No toilet jokes

There are toilet jokes, but some are actually funny, they are a hit or miss.

I hate to say this, but it has toilet jokes.

Yeah, that's not true.

14 It cheers you up when you're sad
15 Chris Savino is the show's creator

Okay, yes, his episodes of Dexter's Laboratory and the Powerpuff Girls AREN'T that funny, but they can still be entertaining at times. And hey, at least his episodes aren't as bad as Paul Tibbitt's.

16 It is based off Chris Savino's own life

His family included 10 siblings and lived in Michigan

17 It's the best show in the world

I don't know if THAT's true.

18 There's a gay couple in it
19 No butt jokes

Fandomstuck if u can block some block ainezochan cause she is so rude

Ainezochan is ruining my life saying mean things about The Loud House.I always liked this show.My favorite episode is 11 louds a leapin.

20 It saved Nickelodeon
21 It's watchable
22 It's inspirational
23 It's funny
24 It's getting a movie
25 It has a special with a character with Down Syndrome
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