Top Ten Reasons to Love Megan Fox

Since half of the people has huge hatred on Megan, the other half shows how much they love her.

The Top Ten

1 She still got the hotness in her

Megan Fox is just the BEST looking, most absolutely stunning, drop dead gorgeous woman on the face of the earth. Have God bless her for who she is and I’ll always give her my love and support, she deserves to be the #Number 1 on the list of most beautiful women in the world.

She has true sex appeal. May not be the definition of pretty, but gosh she is sexy.

Megan still looks gorgeous and still got the hot body. Even though her facial looks are diiferent, she still looks fine.

People say I look like her, guys always ask me out

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2 She's a great mom

Now that she's a mom, her career in Hollywood is dying and everything she earned is falling apart because she wants to be on the parenthood side. Angelina Jolie is retiring soon, and this also means it's the end of the story for Megan Fox. Will there be a new Megan Fox in the future? Will there be a legacy for the Transformer actress? And What's left for her today as a new mom? Megan Fox will sadly be missed.

She actually raises her kids.

She is a good looking girl

She has her first child around October 2012, but she also got a stepson as well. Megan plans to spend time with her newborn son than just doing all that anoyying fame stuff. I agreed with her, fame can be distrubing.

3 She doesn't take life so seriously

You mean she doesn't take life TOO seriously? Yeah, Megan doesn't just try to rule the world like a goddess and tries not to be too rich and powerful like the Kardashians, Donald Trump and other rich folks. She does things in her own terms including helping people that suffers great depression or disastrous causes and taking care of her husband and children. There are other things we normally do for our lives than just being famous.

This should be #1. I hate her. - Deadamanwonderlandgi

No, she tries to rule the world.

She's awesome

4 She seems very nice

I don't see why she's rude, I met her in Hollywood and she does seems like a very nice woman. People are jealous the way actresses are, but Megan isn't all that bad.

I was in Hollywood too and she's nicely gave me her autograph. She also seems like a cool actress besides just being hot.

Yes she does 😊

5 She got great tattoos

She even wrote one of her tattoos "there once was a little girl who never knew love until a little boy broke her heart"

Her ink are better than Angelina Jolie's, she almost looks like a Samoan warrior.

6 She is not a hypocrite

What does that word even mean

7 She doesn't deserve to be hated

Looks like we got 2 lists at war going on here, because we got "reasons to love Megan Fox" and "reasons to hate Megan Fox. " Hell, if you fans and haters wanna go at each other tearing limb from limb, I might just be the referee on The Top Tens.

Haters are gonna hate what they have left in their fiber of their beings, but when they grow tired and seeing signs that Megan Fox is actually a cool actress they'll start liking her.

Nobody shouldn't hate Megan Fox, can they hate Kim Kardashian or any other female celberities they don't like instead of Megan?

8 She wasn't a bad actress after all

Fox ain't the greatest actress of all, but she is smart and outspoken.

9 She's not a drug addict

She smokes once, but not anymore. Megan is clean, she can take care of herself.

Unlike Miley and Nikki!

10 She loves comics

What, she's a geek too? Sweet!

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11 She's not too greedy
12 She's great in action, sci-fi and horror movies

Yes she is I love she's (jennifer's body) movie but at all this movie made me sad

13 She loves video games

Who said actresses can't play video games? This one can and she's also gonna be in a trailer of the new Call of Duty game.

14 She's smart
15 She is so down to Earth

Every guy on this planet has a huge crush on sweet Megan Fox, no wonder she's downright gorgeous!

16 She has a great body

She works out and diets, solo worth it!

17 She's funny

i agree!

18 She played better roles in movies
19 She's an animal lover

She has a pet pig, a parrot, and a cat. She also has been seen with a fox

20 She cares about the roles she is given
21 She admitted Jonah Hex sucked
22 She enjoys her career
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