Top Ten Reasons to Love Miley Cyrus

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1 She Doesn't Care What People Think

Also she's not crazy anymore so people need to stop hating on her.

I don't like Miley Cyrus but she doesn't deserve to be judged by others.

Yep she definitely doesn't

That what I love most about her

2 Her Music

This should be called "top ten reasons to hate Miley Cyrus" LMFAO. She's not pretty, her songs suck, she has no talent she sucks.

Doesn't mean I am a fan that's why I am supporting her. It's true her songs are awesome. My mom unlike her for her present act. But my mom also agree that she make good music. And as a fan I say she is wonderful singer in earth. She has great voice. Her songs are too catchy that enough to addicted. Unlike haters. They are so jealous by her. But what to do? Miley is a wonderful singer that's why she has gone far than others. Miley we love you

She is a amazing singer. Her all songs are great. Nobody refuse her songs. Except haters. Because they are sucks.
Wrecking ball, the climb, stay, can't be tamed, adore you, may be you are right, robot, do my thang, drive,7 things, who owns my heart, party in Usa etc
Are great. If you check out the lyrics you will know.

I don't want to say anything. Just listen her songs then you will be understand.
1, Party in USA
2, The Climb
3, Wrecking Ball
4, May be you're right
5, Can't be tamed
6, When I look at you
7, Stay
8, Fly on the wall
9, Adore you
10, Two more lonely people
11, Who owns my heart
12, We can't stop
14, Robot
15, Do My Thang
If I start to give her all best music it won't be finish so I want you all at least heard this songs then decide. Her all the songs are amazing and meaningful.

3 Hannah Montana Hannah Montana Hannah Montana, also known as Hannah Montana Forever for the fourth and final season, is an American musical comedy series created by Michael Poryes, Rich Correll, and Barry O'Brien which focused on Miley Stewart, a teenager living a double life as an average schoolgirl by day and a famous recording more.

I miss her old disney days. Hannah Montana was so funny and my favorite. She was so cute and pretty in this show. The way she acted it was so beautiful. No one can take place from her. This show was great and most successful show in disney history. I love her so much.

Hannah Montana is always my favorite one. I still miss the series. It's all about sing and life style about Miley. How she managed a famous and a normal life. She is so talented. I still remember her pretty act in Hannah Montana. Her voice is also awesome. No one could define her. She was better but now...
She is awesome

Hannah Montana is the best serial in disney. Really it was so helpful for the child. She looks so pretty in it. She gave fun and act very well. I fall in love with her simle. Now she is real Miley but I miss Hannah Montana. Still love her but Hannah Montana is best.

I love Hannah Montana. I miss her. Where is she? :(

4 She's Pretty

I love you Miley you are the best I don't care what anybody says and I don't care if anyone wants to make fun of me for it because you've taught me to be humble and ignore what others think about you because all that matters is what you think of you.

She was pretty now she is prettier. Only haters won't regret it. So what? We smiley know she is most prettier in the world. She is crazy but still pretty. If you don't like her it's okay! We smilers understand haters are always annoying ♥

She is so pretty and hot. Her smile is cute. She is no1 singer in my own list. I really love her

She is pretty. I'd rather have her with short blonde hair and a permanent smile rather than forced long brown hair with a smile she's going to take off the second no one's watching her.

5 She is Real

We the fans are real. Always love her and her songs. Haters. Go to hell

This was really rude. My feelings were hurt. Please, control your tongue

Okay, maybe she does have autotune, but even most of the good singers (like Miley) have autotune, even when they don't need it, like Ariana Grande. The point is, in live concerts, Miley can SING! Her voice sounds just as beautiful in live concerts as in her "autotuned" songs, and if not, even more. Plus unlike other artists, she NEVER tries to be anything but herself, and she wants everyone else to do the same. If you disagree, just listen to her song "Robot"

I love Miley Cyrus. She is my idol. As long as I know Miley is not fake. She is real. Her voice is real. She can sing live and her music is very good. ♡ you Miley

Yeah! Actually she is real not fake like selena gomez. She make good music, can dance and she doesn't need anykind of autotune. She is hot asusaul. She is best singer asusaul. That's why she is so popular and other country like Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Australia, Austria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Korea etc all over the countries people loves her so much. And they are so talk about her. Big thing is they loves Miley's music. She is real★

I am really sorry to burst your bubble ( I am saying this nicely ) but she does use autotune. Have a nice day

6 Miley Loves to Help People

She does. Facts people.

Miley is a girl who always try to be happy. She is partying, having fun, busy with her concert that doesn't mean she don't have time to help others. She is very helpful. She always try to help innocent people whose are totally helpless. Proud of her.

She has worked at multiple charity funds for children

She is such a kind person, and although some people may not realize, she does help many foundations and charities that fight to bring an end to diseases such as AIDS/HIV. She also has her own charity (Happy Hippie Foundation) which strives to bring us closer to a world without hunger and poverty.

7 She's Funny

She is hilarious

She is so funny. Really!
If you watched Hannah Montana you would know how funny and cute is she. Unlike selena -_-. Selena just show her attitude nothing else. But my Miley baby is so funny and beautiful. She is so friendly that's why she never show attitude before her fans.

She is funny and very friendly. She is not rude to other people. She like to having fun and giving fun. I love her so much.

Miley is funny. The funnest thing she ever did is make fun of Selena Gomez

8 Miley And Mandy

I love them so much

9 Miley's Dog

'she should fall of a clip so should you'

They are so cute

Poor Miley. One of her dog died. :'(
She still miss the dog. Don't be sad sweetie

Haters! Leave this list. This list is for smilers not haters.

10 She is a Caring Sister

Miley and Noah are so adorable sisters. Miley is always love and care for her sis Noah. Once she said Noah made her life complete. It's so sweet you know.

They are both really beautiful and love each other. Miley is always love to hangout with her lil sister. And very caring.

She is helping her lil sis Noah to set her career in music line.She is really caring.

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11 Smilers Are The Best

Smiler is the best. We are not annoying like other annoying fans. We love to support Miley. If haters jealous and try to ruin it than they are wrong. We all know Miley is a nice singer. She has a big heart. She too funny, pretty, cute and like to help others. Her songs are too good. That's why we smilers always with her. We just like to support her but many haters just interfere but it's better be quit. Cause we are not like the haters. We love Miley and always will be.

We are the best.. No matter what we will support Miley. We love Miley because we know Miley is the best... Miley is awesome so smilers are awesome... Smiler forever - smiler

Smilers always love Miley. They never judge other singer. And start any fight.

I am one of her smiler. So I always like to observe her life. And there I notich no smiler interfere any celebraties page. When other celebs fans argue with us. (You know which celebs fans) then starts arguement. But have no will to argue. We just want to support Miley. That's all. But haters are always interfere our work. Smilers are best. They never say any bad first if you not about to start. We want to support Miley and will be.
Love you a lot Miley

12 Confidence In Being a Women

No one said to Miley that she should act like selena. It was selena's fans. How stupid!
Forget it! I don't wanna waste my time to talk about them. I want to say Miley is growing up with confidence. She has a bright future. I agree she is crazy but crazy is better than stupid. She is talented and a successful singer. So she deserve a happier life. Love you Miley. (smiler)

Miley is a better singer than selena. No one want her to be selena unlike selenators lol. As a amazing singer most of the people love her music and like her. She is so popular in the world. So she is perfect as she is. I love her.

She inspire people to be yourself and never to care about what others think of you. People who really love you will see your true colors. She's inspirational. She's fearless. I love her.

Miley is a confidence women and best singer in the whole world. I really love her. Her songs are pretty good.

13 She Is Kind

I am a crazy fan of her. I love her all the songs. My brother like her songs but didn't like her personality. Now he's also agree Miley is a good hearted person. My brother used to say "Miley is a good singer but not a good person"
But now he say she is a good singer but overall she is a good person.

Miley is kind... She cares about people a lot - smiler

Well she's not kind SHE SAID THIS I hate kids I don't CARE if there my fans I just want to smack them your a fAN Good LUCK don't BELEVIE ME LOOK IT UP

14 She Is Not Fake

Actually I am looking for this topic. Yeah! As a singer she is not fake. She can sing live. She can write her own song. Her voice is real. She is a perfect, mature and a popular singer at this age.

I really love her songs. She is amazing

15 She's Fearless

She literally doesn't care about what people think or say about her, she's growing up in front of everybody and everybody expected her to be something she does wanted to be, so she said I'm going to be myself. What a fearless person.

That's why she is a beautiful person. She's fearless. I love her.

16 Miley Can Dance

Yeah baby she can dance. I was there one of her concert. She was awesome. Her legs are hot. When she danced she was pretty good.

There're lot of singer who can't dance. Miley is a great singer we all know and also she can dance well. If anyone watched her concert they will be know how good dancer she is! As a great, famous singer Miley has all positive qualities what a perfect singer should be. And now she is most popular all over the world.

Miley is a good dancer.

Yeah dance as in strip on a pole in the KIDS choice awards she's a bad influence on KIDS

17 Miley Loves Smilers

Miley love her fans. She always thanked them. Her songs always get hit and she give the credits to the smilers. She is always funny and real for her fans. I am very greatful that to be a smiler♥

Yes she loves us.And this reason always makes me love her even more. Love you so much.

Suzana form Australia

Smilers are so dearing fellow to Miley. We love Miley and Miley love us.

We ♡ you to

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18 She Loves Her Family

She always mentioned her family in her every success. That's pretty much to say she loves her family.

19 She Has Wide Thighs

Damn sexy

She has a lot of haters. But not more than her fans.

20 Her live performance

All her live performances are effortlessly beautiful. She don't use any auto tune. She is a genuinely talented singer. I love Miley Cyrus.

She can sing live.Doesn't use any kind of tune.Bangerz tour was for too adult.But other wise her live performance is brilliant.

I am surprised.How can anyone just hate her? She is a singer.Listen her songs.And yes her live performance.She's amazing.Not lipsync or auto tune.She sounds real & superb.

21 Miley Loves to Party

I wanna party with her

Everyone Lovee party. Miley too. Miley partied with joy that's why she enjoy a lot. Party isn't about be gentle yourself. It's about break the rules. She awesome. I wanna party with you Mileyy :(

Pinkie Pie loves to party - TwilightKitsune

How cool is it! ! !
She loves party and me too
If I ever get a chance to party with her that will be my best day ever. I am a huge smiler. Love her every moment. Miley if you read this please be sure that your smilers love you so much. I love you


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22 She Can't Dance

That is the truest thing I ever heard

She can dance. I saw her. She is a good dancer.

Jealous! Jealous!
Poor guy who put in this topic this list. Miley can dance. If you can't then learn from Miley. She is a wonderful dancer at the begining.

Who can't dance?
Yes that's selena, who really can't dance. Lol

23 Her Eyes

I love her eyes. So beautiful and adorable. Her eyes makes her look pretty.

I really love her beautiful blue eyes. Its really adorable and charming.

Her eyes are crazed WITH DRUGS yeah SHE does Drugs!

24 Her Cuteness

She’s pretty cute

25 She Has Many Honorific Titles

Yes like Disney queen, teen queen, twerk queen.. - smiler

26 She Loves Indians

I'm Indian I love Miley. She is my Hannah Montana - Nandani

I love her. I want her to come to India.


She said it in an interviews on YoTube and India is the 2nd 3rd most populated country! Her fan base is good because of Indians...

27 She Has a Catchy Voice
28 Her Nude Body

See how annoying her haters are!

This is the only reason I can tolerate her site. I love her nude body

That is not a reason to love her?

29 Her Craziness

That the reason I like her because I'm also really crazy

You haters are annoying

U haters so annoying

30 She Pole Danced at the Kids Choice Award

That doesn't make her a bad person. Miley is not encouraging young people to be like her. She is encouraging young peoples to be confident in who they are and not to care about what other think of them.

Are u kidding me? come on people...she pole danced at the KIDS choice awards...I can't comprehend how any body can put it on this list

She showed people that pole dancing doesn't make a girl slut. Pole dancing is harmless.

31 She Runs Around Naked
32 She looks up to Mariah Carey
33 She Dated Justin Bieber

That's so horrible! I'll admit, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus don't make the worst couple since they share many stuff in common. One of the things they have in common is that they are lookalikes (I seriously hate incest). Two is that they get a lot of hatred. Three is that they were over-endorsed by Nickelodeon (Kids' Choice Awards). At least they aren't Jacob Sartorious! Yeah, I just said that. Compared to the biggest wannabe in music that should bother to work hard, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus did exactly that in comparison. - The Ultimate Daredevil

34 Forgets the Haters

Haters just ruin the list. How annoying Mileys haters every one can observe. They have no work without interfere her page. She is great and successful singer. You haters can't do anything. Just jealous by her. Go jealous

Hates are obsessed with her

Her haters are so annoying

Miley is so care free and doesn't care about what you haters think. So y'all can stop trying to get attention from everyone.

35 She Was Nicknamed Smiley Miley by Her Dad

U haters SO obsessed with Miley

This is sooo cute

I love when her dad called her smiley in Hannah Montana ^_^
I miss Hannah Montana
I love the old Miley
Still love you

Smiley Miley ^_^
Sweet Nebblets ^_^

Still love these name and miss HANNAH Montana :(

36 She Can Dance

She actually can dance. Her moves tell that she is a good dancer. I was regular watched Hannah Montana. She was 13 or 14 she danced awesome. Now she grown up I think she is better now. Unlike selena who can't dance or sing good. Just useless. Miley is better no no Miley is best.

She can dance. Oh yeah!

37 Miley Cyrus is in the Guinness Book Of World Records

Like they say haters make you more famous

38 She's the Twerk Queen

Miley we love you

Why is this here? Why would this be a reason. I will never understand you people. Good bye.

Twerking is totally harmless. It's a kind of dance.

No! Nicki manaj is. She twerks like a monkey with ship seizer

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39 She Can Write Her Own Songs

Yeah, Right.
She can write her own song. As a example : Wrecking ball
And this one is biggest hits by her and the industry.

40 Her A** Is Big

Her haters are so annoying!

Let do something. This is a page created for love, not hate. Remove all the hater's comments and bad entry.

Don't you have any stupid haters?

This page is for Smilers. You haters are just jealous of her.

41 She Knows to Play Many Instruments
42 She Emphasizes Being a Good Person!

She emphasizes how sitting with the perfect clothes and your hands folded doesn't make you a good person, helping others does. She emphasizes equality, and sure she goes a little crazy (ok, a lot) but whatever she's doing is making her happy, and it's not like it's hurting anyone else. On some levels she can be considered a role model because of all her beliefs in being kind and being happy as long as it won't hurt anyone else, but younger people might just automatically do what she does instead of getting the point she's trying to communicate which is be yourself. She even has a tattoo that says "love you're brain"!

She uses drugs.

43 Her Tours

Her tours are too funny!

44 She is BFF's with Kaley Cuoco
45 She's A Carrie Fisher Fan
46 She Has a Crush on Henry Cavill
47 She quit smoking weed
48 She is hot

She was hot while she was on Hannah Montana p.s. my first childhood crush and she is even hotter now that she's older

49 Her Voice and Songs are So Inspiring

Her songs helped me overcome depression. Her voice is literally magical ✨

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