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21 Her Eyes

I love her eyes. So beautiful and adorable. Her eyes makes her look pretty.

I really love her beautiful blue eyes. Its really adorable and charming.

Her eyes are crazed WITH DRUGS yeah SHE does Drugs!

22 She Has Many Honorific Titles

Yes like Disney queen, teen queen, twerk queen.. - smiler

23 She Has a Catchy Voice
24 She Has Wide Thighs

She has a lot of haters. But not more than her fans.

25 She Pole Danced at the Kids Choice Award

That doesn't make her a bad person. Miley is not encouraging young people to be like her. She is encouraging young peoples to be confident in who they are and not to care about what other think of them.

Are u kidding me? come on people...she pole danced at the KIDS choice awards...I can't comprehend how any body can put it on this list

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26 She Dated Justin Bieber

That's so horrible! I'll admit, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus don't make the worst couple since they share many stuff in common. One of the things they have in common is that they are lookalikes (I seriously hate incest). Two is that they get a lot of hatred. Three is that they were over-endorsed by Nickelodeon (Kids' Choice Awards). At least they aren't Jacob Sartorious! Yeah, I just said that. Compared to the biggest wannabe in music that should bother to work hard, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus did exactly that in comparison. - The Ultimate Daredevil

27 Forgets the Haters

Haters just ruin the list. How annoying Mileys haters every one can observe. They have no work without interfere her page. She is great and successful singer. You haters can't do anything. Just jealous by her. Go jealous

Miley is so care free and doesn't care about what you haters think. So y'all can stop trying to get attention from everyone.

Some annoying haters always try to distrub amd ruin her list. Actually they are not different people. Same persons. They want to show Miley has many haters blah blah blah. We know and we are not like them. We love Miley, and wanna enjoy her music.

Hates are obsessed with her

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28 She Was Nicknamed Smiley Miley by Her Dad

U haters SO obsessed with Miley

This is sooo cute

I love when her dad called her smiley in Hannah Montana ^_^
I miss Hannah Montana
I love the old Miley
Still love you

Smiley Miley ^_^
Sweet Nebblets ^_^

Still love these name and miss HANNAH Montana :(

29 She Can't Dance

She can dance. I saw her. She is a good dancer.

Jealous! Jealous!
Poor guy who put in this topic this list. Miley can dance. If you can't then learn from Miley. She is a wonderful dancer at the begining.

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30 She Can Dance

She actually can dance. Her moves tell that she is a good dancer. I was regular watched Hannah Montana. She was 13 or 14 she danced awesome. Now she grown up I think she is better now. Unlike selena who can't dance or sing good. Just useless. Miley is better no no Miley is best.

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31 Miley Cyrus is in the Guinness Book Of World Records

Like they say haters make you more famous

32 She's the Twerk Queen

Why is this here? Why would this be a reason. I will never understand you people. Good bye.

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33 She Can Write Her Own Songs

Yeah, Right.
She can write her own song. As a example : Wrecking ball
And this one is biggest hits by her and the industry.

34 Her Cuteness
35 She Loves Indians

I love her. I want her to come to India.

She said it in an interviews on YoTube and India is the 2nd 3rd most populated country! Her fan base is good because of Indians...

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36 Her Nude Body

See how annoying her haters are!

This is the only reason I can tolerate her site. I love her nude body

That is not a reason to love her?

37 Her A** Is Big

Her haters are so annoying!

Don't you have any stupid haters?

Let do something. This is a page created for love, not hate. Remove all the hater's comments and bad entry.

This page is for Smilers. You haters are just jealous of her.

38 Her Craziness

You haters are annoying

U haters so annoying

39 She Knows to Play Many Instruments
40 She Emphasizes Being a Good Person!

She emphasizes how sitting with the perfect clothes and your hands folded doesn't make you a good person, helping others does. She emphasizes equality, and sure she goes a little crazy (ok, a lot) but whatever she's doing is making her happy, and it's not like it's hurting anyone else. On some levels she can be considered a role model because of all her beliefs in being kind and being happy as long as it won't hurt anyone else, but younger people might just automatically do what she does instead of getting the point she's trying to communicate which is be yourself. She even has a tattoo that says "love you're brain"!

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