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She is Nice

This list was made by a Daisy fangirl who thinks Rosalina is a space jerk. Daisy's not SUPPOSED to be nice because it's a part of her character when she wins or loses, she gets really worked up about it. She's COMPETITIVE. - DCfnaf

You guys do know that every Mario princess is nice, right? - Videogamesgal

Will you Daisy haters just stop saying 'DAISY IS A SORE LOSER,DAISY IS A POSER DAISY THIS DAISY THAT'? Its okay you hate Daisy,but you need to know people have opinions.

Opinion?! No, it's a fact, Nintendo confirmed it and has shown it, Daisy is a tomboy, if you think she's not you're wrong. In a chase like "Daisy is sexy", yeah this is an opinion. - DaisyandRosalina

Unless she loses... No scratch that, she's mean when she wins too. Also 'nice' of Daisy to always do nothing about her cousin & best friend getting kidnapped.

She is Sexy

She's curvy sassy and incredibly cute.

Does that really matter?

She is sexy but rosalina is sexier - RockStarr

Princess Daisy farting brings out the best of her!

Wait, since when has Daisy farted?
And also, I think her being Sporty shows more of her than something everyone does. - Qryzx

She a Good Friend to Peach

I wish you would realize that they're video game characters. They're not your friends, you don't know them personally. Miyamoto portrayed them as good-natured women of the Mario franchise, they enjoy each others acquaintance. ( except in mario party )

I wish you guys would realize that Rosalina and Daisy are just tolerating Peach. Rosalina and Daisy are way to nice to be friends with a weak loser like Peach.

Princess peach loves princess daisy they hang out all the time

By the way, Lols are the words that make you sound like an immature brat.

She is Smart

Can you give me an example of her being smart? - RalphBob

Princess Daisy is smarter than Princess Peach.

She is smart because in a mario sticker wave she was reading a book.

Dumb broad has done nothing for her kingdom. Why? She's never there.

She Supports Rosalina

People shouldn't blame peach and Rosalina for taking Daisy spotlight blame the creators not the characters I believe they're all good friends and have tea parties together.

Peach is in all the games and Daisy's kingdom hasn't been visited. Rosalina was introduced as a new character. The creators don't want to do anything with her in memory of her creator. - DCfnaf

I don't see why she would. Daisy is hyper, spunky and competitive that doesn't have the poise expected from a princess. Rosalina is a Mary-Sue.

Someone is probably going to say as a reply- 'Uh no she's a spoiled brat and a poser LOL! ' If you really want to follow the crowd and love a character in lots of popular games than go ahead.

No I was gonna comment on how every Daisy fan seems to hate Rosalina. But whatever. - DCfnaf

That's her & Peach. Peach & her are 'best friends' Daisy is just tolerating her just cause of Peach.

They are both good characters but the fanbase is just plain dumb - ParkerFang

She is Not Annoying

Honestly I use to find her voice annoying, but it grows on you. When playing something like Mario Kart her energetic voice helps pump you up to eleven and you feel a larger sense of accomplishment. As opposed to Peach or Rosalina who sound like they are driving while on sleeping pills.

Peach has a really high voice. Daisy doesn't

None of them are annoying, but it is annoying that Peach almost always gets kidnapped and never defends herself. - Videogamesgal

Princess Peach will always be more annoying than Princess Daisy. So thus, I must go w/ this list.

She Supports Her People

Daisy spends more time in mushroom kingdom than her own, she's irresponsible for a monarch that she'd rather spend time in parties than helping her own kingdom.

She isn't in any main games because she's busy ruling her damn kingdom, unlike Peach who's always getting kidnapped!

Daisy left her kingdom for the king to rule...

Lol right that's why she's always away playing sports insead of being with her people right LOL!

So if she left her kingdom, HOW DOES SHE SUPPORT HER PEOPLE. I'm not saying I hate Daisy but, really how? - DCfnaf

She is Really Strong

He's more strong than all the other girl and some guys in the Mario universe

No. When she goes out with Mario to help save people, goes out to rescue people and wanting to do it herself, AND get in smash, then she might get on. Peach's level lol. Till than she's just a stupid lazy"

Shut up! Yeah she's the most stronger girl ever! And oh no! She isn't in Smash! Yeah but... Smash is a spin off for the Mario series and also Peach suck! Get out of this list, nobody believes you. Daisy is also a tomboy and you can not deny it because Nintendo has said that and so is the truth.

"That's why she NEVER went out to rescue anyone right? Oh what a great friend always letting Bowser have her lol! And she's not in Smash too how strong is she lol!

And before the whole MP3 comes up she was only able to do that cause Bowser scared her fail"

Me: um, can someone please enlighten me exactly when she was kidnapped by Bowser? Also, Mario has been kidnapped 3 times, more times than Daisy. Does that mean Mario is a damsel? I'm confused...

Oh, So Daisy punching Bowser in MP3 is somehow relevant but Peach knocking him into the sky (Super Princess Peach ending, of which she had to fight thousand of waves of enemies, 4 bosses aside from Bowser and save every last toad to get there, Not to mention needing to beat him) isn't? Explain.
Daisy has Flower Power, Yes, But Peach has Heart Magic of which is pretty much equal to that, Not to mention Peach also has even more magic up her sleeve- err, Glove- err, Where she keeps her To- Eh, You get it. (cringe) Okay I am done typing this. - Qryzx

"Peach was advantaged because she did it with an umbrella after he was tired for being defeated in a battle."

Not really. I'm gonna guess that Bowser weighs at least a ton, plus even if she used an umbrella that doesn't mean she didn't put most of the force into the attack. There is no evidence that the strength put into the attack was from Perry and not Peach. And in the case of him being tired, Daisy caught Bowser by surprise in her slap. - SourChocolate

If Rosalina slapped Bowser and said 'he was in my way' then the Rosalina fans that say it was girly and weak would obsess about it and say it was super strong. Why? Because Rosalina did it.

She Has an Original Personality

DAISY IS THE BEST CHARACTER. HER SPARK, SPUNK, WILDNESS, CLEVERNESS, SELF CONFIDENCE, EXPRESSIVENESS AND WIT MAKE HER THE ABSOLUTE BEST. Any mysogenist gamer who says she's too loud, or annoying, or stupid, or a peach clone need to SIT THEIR FAT BUTTS DOWN because those are first, LIES and second Daisy is perfect. She is a great role model for little girls too so there's that. And unlike Rosalina she didn't need the death of her mother to get noticed. She slapped Bowser to high heavens and get her getting kidnapped? HA AS IF! Daisy is both tomboy, and girly which makes her wonderful and unique. She's the best on the track and personality wise! WE LOVE YOU DAISY! - PRINCESSDAISY

Just because she slapped Bowser or that she's a tomboy doesn't mean she's the best Mario girl. Also Rosalina has reasons to be liked. - yunafreya648

"I find it insulting that people think that losing a mom makes u a bad character."

Nobody thinks that. One of the things that Rosalina fans cling to is her backstory, which they constantly go on about. Someone having a backstory does not dictate the quality of the character in any way, good or bad.

Just because she's a tomboy or slapped Bowser doesn't mean she's great. Daisy fans defend her for that and only care about her than her own family.

I find it insulting that people think that losing a mom makes u a bad character.

She Loves Luigi

Just because she has a tomboy personality does not make her a mean person that's just stereotype Luigi is shy and Daisy likes to express herself making pretty good opposites attract.

"Just because she has a tomboy personality does not make her a mean person that's just stereotype Luigi is shy and Daisy likes to express herself making pretty good opposites attract."

Uh no she's not a tomboy she's just a bratty poser that is a sore-loser. If you played any games where she gets beaten you'd see that. She get's extremely angry and unreasonably upset when things don't go her way. Yes, Luigi deserves better (my vote is for Rosalina. She seems much more stable than princess Poser).

Poser = Liar, something Daisy is not.

By the "games she gets beaten", by any chance do mean sports and party games? Those games have you deciding the winner, therefore losing isn't her fault. - Qryzx

"A: yes, she's a tomboy, shut up!

B: Rosalina x Luigi is a terrible couple."

A:LOL if she's about as tomboy as princess morbucks from ppg just because she tries to force everyone to believe she's tomboy doesn't make it true

B:it's way better than princess poser x Luigi or waluigi x rosalina (the worst Crack Mario paring that had the displeasure of becoming popular)

Yeah yeah yeah I'm gonna get loads of dislikes for this one, but I like Luigi X Daisy, but LOVE Luigi X Rosalina. - DCfnaf

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She Hates Mario

I never saw her hate Mario, and if she did, that would be a bad thing. - RalphBob

I actually laughed at this - TheKirbyCreeper999

Super Mario Land Mario kissed her and she seemed pretty ok with it though - NintendoGeek

And that's a good thing?!? - Drawbox

She's a Tomboy

Everyone who says that Rosalina is a tomboy is stupid. Rosalina still wears a dress and makeup and Jewelry. Rosalina acts motherly, which is not what a tomboy is like at all. Just because she wears blue doesn't make her a tomboy! Daisy is a tomboy because she doesn't care about being all elegant like Peach and Rosalina.

"'YOU must get f's in school, because you don't read or pay attention. I'll try this AGAIN.


If you people still use that stupid 'Nintendo says she is so she is,' again, you are just beyond brain damaged to me. YES Nintendo SAYS IT DO I CARE OR HAVE TO BUY IT NO."

You scream more than ...more

Rosalina and Daisy Haters are absolutely horrific. Why are the Daisy Haters even on this list? They seriously ask for fights! - DCfnaf

"I'm a tomboy and its FINE to wear dresses and Jewlery from time to time.

Besides, shes a princess! She has to wear dresses anyway! "

1. I didn't say that, but mr./miss rosalina-wears-a-dress-Jewelry-and-make up-therefore-not-tomboy did, and I pointed out daisy is in the same boat lol

2. Since when are princesses REQUIRED to wear a dress? Besides, she's been out of dresses before (but the outfits where still girly lol). Also, Nintendo has ignored a lot of rules (OK, mostly laws of gravity, science rules, etc...). The so called 'though princesses must be in a dress' being ignored won't be so weird especially for a supposed 'tomboy princess'

I don't see why Rosalina fans really care about Daisy. The Daisy fans did not criticise Rosalina

They criticize Rosalina more than her fans criticize Daisy. Everyone here always says "unlike Rosalina, Daisy is awesome" when it isn't necessary to compare them. WHY DO DAISY FANS CARE ABOUT ROSALINA? SHE'S NOT REPLACING DAISY. - DCfnaf

She is Fast and Athletic
She is lame

What?! This list is reasons to love Princess Daisy not hate her. - Videogamesgal

The only lame here is the favorite character of who added this on the list. - DaisyandRosalina

Princess Daisy is AWESOME!


She is Happy
She is an Incompetent Ruler and a Spinoff Filler

Just saying

She Plays Football Like a Boss

True she does - jbella9000

Play football like a boss.


True :D

Daisy Doesn't Replace Other Characters in Mario.

The only time Daisy replaced someone was Mario Land 1, and that's ok because everything except Mario himself was replaced.

Peach and Rosalina still keep on replacing daisy and pauline. They always take their spotlights

Peach and Rosalina keep on replacing Daisy and Pauline.They always take their spotlights.Daisy never replaced other characters in Mario.

She is Encouraging

How? By raging at her team mates if they didn't score in soccer? By being a sore loser? Oh yes, very encouraging /rolls eyes

Strikers? She raged at her teammates if they lost

She is Supportive

Yep you daisy fans are brain damaged. Do I really have to spell this out for you?

I'm not saying you need a dictionary for Mario/Nintendo. I'll give you a hint, it has something to do with this listed item. Don't hurt yourself too much thinking about it now.

Since when did a dictionary help you to understand a character? Is there a giant Mario/Nintendo dictionary with all the characters?

LOL like she's supportive when? By letting Bowser kidnap peach? Raging at everyone? I think u daisy fans need a dictionary

I think you need to get the hell off this list since you have no reason to be here. YOU NEED A DICTIONARY. Let me define this list in four simple words..."Reasons to Love Daisy". SO WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THIS LIST IF YOU HATE HER. - DCfnaf

Hehe you're fun to mess with

She is Pretty, But Doesn't Remind Us All the Time! (Peach's Role)

Mario Party 3. Sorry. No hate though - DCfnaf

She is Wealthy

Daisy rules 4 kingdoms and owes 2 giant boats and her castle costs more money than peach's.She also has her own courses like in mk wii and mario sports mix.

Wealthy or not, I still like Princess Daisy.

Daisy is the wealthiest girl around! - Videogamesgal

Given the fact that she rules 4 kingdoms and has 2 giant boats like in mk dd and mss and,also has a lot of sponsors in mario kart. And sarasaland only got invaded while the mushroom kingdom is always invaded. So there is probability that Daisy is wealthier than peach and wario.

Her dress is yellow

Yellow is my favourite colour and Daisy is my favourite character, but I don't see how its relevant.

I don't like yellow. Sorry, it's too bright. - DCfnaf

I love Wario's biker outfit more than his classic outfit, but I still like his yellow. I don't like yellow dresses really. - DCfnaf

How dare you say yellow sucks!? I like yellow :(

Ew! Ahhh my eyes!

Yellow=one of the worst color

Her Old Hairstyle

Oh, So Peach having the same hairstyle is a bad thing but it's okay for Daisy because ~SHE'S SPECIAL~ (Project SNT Sonic OC reference) - Qryzx

She is Underrated
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