Top Ten Reasons to Love Pusheen the Cat

Some of you may not no Pusheen so look him up on google.

The Top Ten

1 She is chubby

Pusheen, Pusheen, the fattest thing cutest thing in the world I have every fact of pusheen in my head! Duh

When I saw Pusheen for the first time, it was so CHUBBY and adorable! - Pegasister12

Honestly, who doesn't love chubby animals! - Snowpelt

My bday party was themed Pusheen lol

2 She has the most random costumes

I LOVE the Nutella costume.

I really like the Nutella one! Mainly because fat cats + Nutella = happiness!

3 She's just plain old adorable
4 She loves food

Who doesn't love food? - Merilille

5 Her book is adorable
6 She says the most random and adorable things
7 She dresses up like celebrities

Kitty Perry, Lady Paw Paw, Taylor Hissed, Fluffin Bieber. - Snowpelt

8 She shows you how to make a pizza

1. Read recipe 2. Preheat oven 3.make a mess 4. Order pizza 5. Success - Snowpelt

9 She's lazy
10 She teaches you how to catch Santa

1. Set your bait 2. Hide 3. Don't eat bait 4. Don't do it! 5.STOP! 6. You ruined it - Snowpelt

The Contenders

11 Her appearance

Pusheeen is so cute

12 Her toe beans

Her toes look so tiny and it doesn't even look weird!

13 She's cute
14 She makes a huge mess because she is a cute kitty cat
15 She is super soft
16 She's a cat
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