Top 10 Reasons to Love Rosalina

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1 She is adorable

Her dress is to die for. Every girl including me wants to be as cute as her - RevolNiartRuasonid

I agree with everything on this list. Best list ever because Rosalina is amazing. My favorite character!

Your obsessed with her the way danteem is with luigi. - Therandom

Expecially when she was younger talking to Luma

2 She is better than Peach

Caring, mature, calm, smart, and a goddess... Hard to beat that

So much better than Peach. I love rosalina

Peach is a Barbie doll and can't do anything.

Opinion - yunafreya648

3 She saved Mario

Without her Peach would have ruined every game - RevolNiartRuasonid

When did she do that? (Just asking)

No way Peach or Daisy could've done that.

Luma saved Mario from the attack - ParkerFang

4 She is smart

Knew Bowser plans, how to stop him, knows about the stars and the universe...amazing

Extreamly smart

5 She's hot

Haha. Voted this one as a joke, but can't lie even though she's a damn video game character - CheesyNachos

I could never understand why people judge characters because of their looks. If they're hot, they're amazing, but if they're ugly, they're awful? the's shallow.

So right! SHe IS HAWT! So much better than peach. Peach is ugly and annoying and stupid and doesn't deserve to be a character. But in the otherhand, Rosalina is hot and beautiful and sexy.

Love this character! 100000 times better than peach!

6 She has Luma

love luma

Luma is awesome!
I want to see Luma beat up Peach!

Adorable ++++ more useful than toads alright!
-creates universes
-gives abilities
-1000000 times more adorable than toads
-can fly around

Lumas for the win

7 She is respectful
8 She is in Mario Kart 8

So? A lot of other characters are in the game. If Baby Daisy can get in, Rosalina can.

So what she was in Mario kart Wii and Mario krt 7 why not new characters like roy (not from fire emblem though )wendy Iggy and others

So? If you want a heavyweight just use someone like Bowser. - Qryzx


9 She is helpful

She is a really helpful Mario character because she saved the mario series from going broke.

Mario wouldn't of gotten anywhere without her... And all those lumas she took in for nothing <3 u rosa

10 She is in Mario Party 10


The Contenders

11 She is forgiving
12 Her voice is pretty

Sounds like a ghost in smash

Her voice sounds so cute ad sexy at the same time.

13 She reset the universe, saving it from being completely vaporized
14 Unlike Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, Rosalina had some of the least annoying female voices ever

No wonder Rosalina is so put down in favor of Princess Peach and Princess Daisy. None of them are the worst characters of all time, but seriously?! Voices do not make characters, and neither makes the game!

Daisy's voice isn't so annoying. - Drawbox

Again with this "Daisy has an annoying voice" Crap smh - ParkerFang

15 She's kind
16 Her dress is light blue

Totally goes with their characters. (sarcasm)

17 She wears a blue dress
18 You can shoot her with starbits

Good if you really hate her

19 She controls her own universe

She has her own galaxy with little Lumas!

20 She's strong

Rosalina sends a good message to girls which is to be strong. When her mom died, she got through it with the help of luma and now she controls the universe

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