Top Ten Reasons to Love Selena Gomez

I made this list just to show why Selena has so much fans and why I love her!

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1 She loves to help UNICEF She loves to help UNICEF

She makes great choices by helping UNICEF. A lot of celebrities such as Ariana Grande and Kim Kardashian doesn't help - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Another reason why I love her is because she loves to help poor children and she is a youngest member of unicef. - selenafan

Selena is so kind. I admire her for that. Helping charity is not something everyone does

She is the best.She fought her kidney problems which makes a real fighter and it was really thoughtful of her friend to give her her kidney.Also she helps people which makes her a great role model and a great person too.She is a great singer AND actor,which makes her super multi talented

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2 She is an awesome singer

She always gives her best and never sing with a footage or just opening mouth. She will to anything to make her fans happy. - selenafan

Here, I disagree. She isn't a good singer and uses a lot of autotune. She lipsyncs a lot and her performances live aren't good - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

Shes a terrible singer.

She is queen of auto tune... Talentless
Can't sing - Nandani

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3 She is a great role model

She says " Can't keep my hands to myself "? It's a song, not a biography of her life. You think that every lyric from a song is a true fact about the singer who sing it? How old are you?

No she is not! She says bad words and does bad things! Stupid! She says, can't Keep my hands to myself? That's terrible! - sabrinafan

Selena is so much beautiful than any celebrity of her age she is a great role model

She is a great role model but sometimes she is trying to be like mature and sexy which I like.

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4 Selena is naturally pretty

By this I mean she is not scared to have no make up on just like Demi Lovato! - selenafan

She is naturally beautiful.

She is a pretty girl

She's everything
everyone wants to be.

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5 She is a real friend

I was on her concerts twice and I saw during concert Selena invited children on a stage and after she gaved autographs maybe two hours to anybody. I know most of celebraties do that but she took a picture with a fan kid that has some deasese and that boy cried. She made him so happy. Selena is a really great friend cause she will never do something to get friend hurt like most of celebraties. - selenafan

Okay Now That's A Friendly Person.

She is magical. That is all.

She is really friendly and great friends like demi,tay..

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6 She doesn't frequently take nudes

Taking nudes is very inappropriate, but we shouldn't judge others.

Um I don't know

Haha she don't go nude? You guys are such a bitch like Selena. She is always nude and just don't act like herself. I don't like herrr

But she was on a Album cover

7 She loves her fans and respect them
8 A great actress

She is such a talented actress and a great person. That's why I love her - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

She is a great actress because she is funny and she knows how to act but some people don't like Miley Cyrus

YES she is a talented actress and so is Miley you are not at all like her do you have to always compare

She is great

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9 Respecting bigger stars

Unlike Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez does not think she is superior to those that have achieved more in their career. - The Ultimate Daredevil, a very small celebrity

Selena Gomez respects bigger stars that have much more experience than her! Lorde, Victoria Justice and some other think they are better. - selenafan

Not Really...

10 She is fashionable

Saw her new clothing line=AMAZING - selenafan


Yupp...she is a fashion icon...i love her

She is stylish... not everyone can have that type of style statement as of hers'😙

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11 She's kind to everyone

You're just jealous because Selena Gomez Gomez is more talented than you, now get a life! Selena Gomez will always be prettier than you! If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all! I'm awesome, you're not! - The Ultimate Daredevil, meaning the exact opposite and mimicking prissy, disrespectful, wrong fangirls

No, never - ever she can be kind she is the ugliest person in the world from outside and from inside. she has a pig face and donkey voice. she is such a dumb girl. she make relationship just to be famous.

12 Loves to smile

She loves to smile she is very smiley I just want to see her beautiful smile again


Oh guys.. I respect your opinions but no... she smiles so each guy will flirt her... so she is not optimst... and she is a bad actress.. I don't even call her an actress.. and for the selenators.. sorry.. you were played by a stupid mad girl.. she is famous for dating biebre.. and I hate him 2.. so I do not see any really clear reason to be a fan of hers.. if someone liked this post... put this if u don't agree put this

13 She uses good autotune

Now what exactly do you mean by "good" autotune?

Her Voice Is Autotuned...

14 She is herself and proud

She never try to act like somebody else l like her because she is always herself n natural. She has such a pretty smile

15 Down to earth

I can't believe how much is she down to earth she is not spoiled or anything she is like us

16 She's talented in everything

Sorry but Selena is talentless
She can't sing
She is decent actress
She can't dance
She is not talentless
She is the most overrated celebrity - Nandani

She is talented in acting dancing singing languages humanity cooking...queen SG

Well Okay...

no way men

17 She is amazing

She is so amazing...a gift from god

18 She is cute

She is really cute even if she is without her makeup. she doesn't need to have dimples too!

19 Her songs are amazing

Her songs are so catchy...she doesn't have the best voice but her songs are constantly in my mind selenator

20 She's sweet
21 Her song Kill Em With Kindness has a good message

Shame haters bash this song with an actual MEANING and instead listen to her ex's degrading music.

22 She wants to be known as more than Bieber's ex

She wants but she can't because she is famous because she was Jb's girlfriend...Before the story Jelena started nobody knows her

23 She helps people and animals

Selena is one of the best singers in the world wide,and not only the best singer she is very charitable.And she works in the UNICEF campaign and she also helps a lot donating money.And she literally is a huge anim al lover she even have 6 dogs.So I think that she deserves an award from all of that.She was in our school proyect which it was about people defending human rights.

24 Loves everyone

On one concert one man asked her does she like haters and she said:Haters have their own problems and I don't mind it, they don't have to love me. - selenafan

Not true! She hates Justin Bieber and I'm pretty sure she hates herself or at least she regrets that she dated this douchebag once.

I'm Thinking A Great Person Needs To Help Other People

well ok

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25 She has a great smile

If she smile she looks amazing, if she laugh she looks awesome. I am Selenator

26 She's not fake

Unlike certain celebs *cough* Nicki Minaj

27 She is a warrior
28 She is not afraid to help fans against suicide
29 She accepts her flaws
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