Top Ten Reasons to Love Snow White

I'm a huge Snow White fan. And here are the reasons why I love her!

The Top Ten

1 She's the nicest and kindest Disney princess

Cinderella:Tiny bit of attitude, Snow White:No attitude
Aurora:Attitude Snow White:Again, no attitude
Other princesses:ATTITUDE Snow White:AGAIN! NO ATTITUDE! SO THERE! She's more kind than ALL of the princesses! OKAY?! GOOD! So there. That's why I love the fairest of them all, Snow White. - WaltDisneytoptens1937

Well, I don't know what to say. She's awesome, just awesome!

True she's really patient after all she been through - Getovait

She is so kind and giving, I don't understand why someone couldn't like her.

2 Her love for animals

I'm glad that Snow White is NOT cruel to animals. Animals deserve their Rights!

I LOVE animals too.


3 Her voice

Snow White is my favorite Disney princess and here's why:

Her voice is SO beautiful! It has that little vibrato and it's SO cute! It's just such a kind voice! My sister says it's creepy, but I think it's the loveliest voice out of all the other princesses! At least it's better than Elsa's shrieking!

Her beauty! She is the prettiest! I know looks don't matter, but beauty like that is hard to ignore! I can totally see why the queen was jealous! I have to admit, I would be too. (not to the point I would kill her for it, though)

She started Disney! She's the original Disney princess! It doesn't get better than that!

Her kindness! You could see she didn't really trust the old hag by her facial expression, but she took the apple anyway because she didn't want to be rude! Come on! She would basically rather die than hurt a poor woman's feelings! So sweet!

Her hope! Think about it! She was determined to find her prince even though people were trying to kill ...more

Haha it's not high PITCHED, she was a soprano. It's rare to find a soprano that can sing high and trill as roundly and connected as she could. High pitched means bratty and airy sounding. She had a beautiful tone as a vocalist as well as a soloist, because it's different if you sing In a group. And she sounded superior and in the right position to sing any song, anytime she wished to.

It's not to high pitched! Remember, WALT DISNEY casted that girl for this roll! It's not the characters fault! But she doesn't even have that much of a high pitched voice in the first place! She sounds like a regular 1937 AND LET ME REPEAT THAT! 1937 14-YEAR-OLD VOICE! So stop hating Snow White for one dumb reason that in my opinion IS NOT TRUE! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

She can go super high with that voice of hers! - maddyparrot22

4 She's very good at stuff for a young age

She's fourteen years old, but she can cook, clean and take care of seven people! Plus, she can dance like a pro!

Why bringing up Anna in everything? - Getovait

Hey thanks for the use of this message

She's only 14.

5 She helps others who are hurt and also cares for strangers

Before we move on, the old lady just showed up. As you imagine Snow Whites kind, so she wouldn't think about shutting the door on her, or telling her to go away. THINK PEOPLE THINK! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

6 She loves to have fun
7 She never begs or tries to get what she wants.

This is a good reason! - funnyuser

8 She's tidy and great at cooking

And she's not all about it! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

9 Her true love finally came to her, and she probably knew what was gonna happen.

She probably knew, if the dwarfs asked her to go, she would say no, but they would say yes, and she would go. So she left! THERE! - WaltDisneytoptens1937

10 She's the "fairest of them all"

The Contenders

11 She's the first Disney princess

First Disney Princess? She's also the most ICONIC Disney Princess of them all! I LOVE Snow White! 🍎

12 She doesn't give up hope that her prince will come
13 She is sweet
14 She's the origin of the Disney movies
15 She's pretty
16 She's brave

She stands up tall so quickly after being banished to the forest.

I hate when people say she's not brave, you don't need weapons or powers to be brave. Being brave it's just a thing that some people have and some people don't. She only has 14 years when her life completely changes and she is completely alone in this world, no mouses nor fairies nor powers...A role model

17 She is so kind
18 She is humble

Snow White cleaned her stepmother's castle for about 14 years without complaining. If this happened to Elsa ' everyone would freeze to death.

19 She has a stepmother who's jealous of her
20 She's non magical
21 She's ladylike
22 Her normal body proportions

The only princess who is not underweight

23 She has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

I have to add this one haha! No other Disney princess has a star in Hollywood. Its only Snow White who has a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame! - jaythomo2

24 Her dress is beautiful

Yes her dressi is preeety

25 She isn't all about her prince like other princesses are

Cinderella is
Aurora ain't
Ariel is but still love her
Belle is not
Jasmine no
Pocahontas yes
Mulan belle no
Tiana no
Rapunzel no

26 She's mature
27 She's responsible
28 She doesn't have long hair or care about her looks
29 She's orphaned
30 She's hot
31 She's girly
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