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1 It is funny

Without it you would be stuck with the Muslim one.

I laughed a countless times and this show always had a place in my heart. The humour is so clever and funny, I couldn't help bursting with laughter.

The plots are amazing, but without the humor, it wouldn't be at the level it is today.

It has made me laugh countless times. - nintendofan126

2 All characters are good

Exept for Sheila Brovloski, Kenny's dad (I forgot his name), Butter's parents and Wendy Testaburger (in the newer episodes not the older ones) but other than that Every character is great and this show is the best.

Except pc principle, Sheila brovloski and Shelly marsh and butter's parents Stephen and Linda scotch. Other than that I almost find every single character likable

The animation may look cheap but I still love this show and I find it to be very creative and halarious. - cosmo

I agree with cosmo - Nateawesomeness

3 All seasons are good

All reasons are very good and never goes downhill - Nateawesomeness

Season 10 isn't that great (with some notable exceptions). - BeatlesFan1964

This show makes fun of my hero. (Read my profile to find out who my hero is.) - RockFashionista

Yes - Nateawesomeness

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4 It's smart

No you like dark comedy not everyone does that makes you not smart.

"Southpark has become the new global IQ test, sadly, anyone who claims it is 'bad', or 'poorly written' are publicly declaring it went over their heads. Southpark is not about comedy, it is the last venue of real 'news' we have left #cancelsouthpark" (Based on a real Twitter post)
~ Friedrich Nietzsche - Bolshoy_Brat

5 Awesome plots

Their very interesting - Nateawesomeness

6 It doesn't throw any crap at the screen
7 It is one of the best shows
8 It is just good

But I never like the ending because Kenny dies.

9 Awesome adventures
10 The casts are awesome

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11 Good character design

Sood good to the point where I can't stop making sketches of Scott Tenorman's 201 design - MorganDunn

Especially Pip, Damien, Estella, Gregory and Christophe's design.


12 Korn guest stars

Robert Smith and Radiohead guest staring was way better.

13 Mr. Kitty


"NO KITTY THIS IS MY POT PIE! " - BeatlesFan1964

So cute and funny little cat who actually hisses at Cartman when he's being a bitch!

14 Stan and Kyle
15 They make fun of society's flaws
16 It spreads a message

Toilet humour, swearing, poor animation
It's not about "the news" it's about stupid American comedy.

17 They made fun of Justin Bieber

To feed the haters of Justin Bieber.

18 They made fun of Kim Kardashian
19 George Clooney as Stan's gay Dog
20 It proves that adult cartoons don't have to have constant sex jokes to be funny

They do have some sex jokes but I know it's better with some rather than lots

21 It takes risks

Matt And Trey Do Very Brave Things Making This Fantastic Show - JPK

22 They made fun of Kanye West
23 City Wok
24 Cartman

I hate him but sometimes love him - JazzyJulie

Cartman is racist and all but he is super funny!

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1. It is funny
2. All characters are good
3. All seasons are good
1. Awesome adventures
2. It is funny
3. All characters are good
1. It is funny
2. All characters are good
3. It is just good

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