Top Ten Reasons to Love South Park


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1 It is funny

The plots are amazing, but without the humor, it wouldn't be at the level it is today.

It has made me laugh countless times. - nintendofan126

I laugh so hard I can't drink milk - OneWayStreet

It's the most hilarious show ever - Nateawesomeness

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2 All characters are good

The animation may look cheap but I still love this show and I find it to be very creative and halarious. - cosmo

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3 All seasons are good

All reasons are very good and never goes downhill - Nateawesomeness

Season 10 isn't that great (with some notable exceptions). - BeatlesFan1964

This show makes fun of my hero. (Read my profile to find out who my hero is.) - RockFashionista

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4 Awesome plots V 1 Comment
5 It doesn't throw any crap at the screen
6 It is one of the best shows
7 It's smart
8 It is just good
9 The casts are awesome
10 Awesome adventures

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11 Good character design V 1 Comment
12 Korn guest stars

Robert Smith and Radiohead guest staring was way better.

13 They make fun of society's flaws
14 George Clooney as Stan's gay Dog
15 Mr. Kitty V 2 Comments
16 It proves that adult cartoons don't have to have constant sex jokes to be funny

They do have some sex jokes but I know it's better with some rather than lots

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1. It is funny
2. All characters are good
3. All seasons are good
1. Awesome adventures
2. It is funny
3. All characters are good
1. It is funny
2. All characters are good
3. It is just good

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