Reasons to Love Spitfire from My Little Pony


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1 She is Beautiful

I seriously love her mane! - Neonco31

She is really awesome! - Sugarcubecorner

In my opinion, even though her mane looks awesome, she has the best tail in the MLP franchise. It's so awesome-looking that I even used it for my MLP OC, Cyan Flash. - PhoenixAura81

2 She is a Good Wonderbolts Leader

I think she would be a great leader! She is strong, brave, compassionate and is my favourite chacater!

3 She is a Good Tomboy
4 She is Original

And (insert Buttercup>RD(Btc ripoff) sentence). - Neonco31

I agree, I noticed how many tomboys that came after Buttercup are a lot like her, but Rainbow Dash is an actual rip off. Buttercup has really influenced a lot of future tomboy characters.

5 She Has a Good Voice

She's voiced by the same lady who voices Nya, from Ninjago.

Fact: She is voiced by Kelly Metzger, who voices Buttercup in the Powerpuff Girls Z English dub(anime version, not the original cartoon nor the reboot). She also voiced Nya, like Neonco31 just said.

6 She is Nice
7 She is Mature
8 She's Underrated
9 She May Actually Have a True Crush on Soarin and Not Rainbow Dash

Maybe Spitfire will kiss Soarin. - andrewteel

Dunno whether the Soarin Dash shipping is canonical - Neonco31

10 Her Cutie Mark

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11 She looks badass
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