Top 10 Reasons to Love Taylor Swift's "Blank Space"

The Top Ten

1 It's lyrically fantastic
2 It's super catchy

I love it

3 Taylor displays her sense of humility

Uuu have you seen the music video - TopTenListmaker

4 It's sarcastic and funny

This is why I love it. It's like the same sarcasm in we are never ever getting back together

5 It's Taylor's biggest hit
6 The beat is awesome
7 It makes fun of what haters say about her

Yup my favorite Taylor swift song

8 It's clever


9 Even people who hate Taylor can enjoy it

Yeah - BeaM456

10 It's creative

The fact that she took what the media said about her, wrote a song from that prespective, and made it her most popular song, just proves that she is!

Creativity is always with Taylor Swift. In every music video Taylor is always experimenting her creativity and in BLANK SPACE it is one of the best.

The Contenders

11 It's iconic
12 The music video is fantastic
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