Top Ten Reasons to Love Taylor Swift

Hello! If you don't like Taylor Swift, get out of here please. Swifties, welcome. What are the top ten reasons to love Tay Tay? Take your pick.

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1 Her songs are awesome

Before I even became a fan, I remember disliking A LOT back in 2015 because I was getting seeing her name everywhere and I was believing (for some reason) all the stupid lies from the media about her and I labeled her overrated in multiple occasions because I've been hearing from a lot of people that she is one of the best songwriters out there. It was not until November of 2017, where reputation was about to be released, when I decided to take deep dive into her discography and a few months later, OH BOY, I REALLY do wish I kept my mouth shut. Not only her songs are catchy and melodic but they also feel confessional and authentic. It's songs like Dear John, Enchanted, Clean, Out Of The Woods, Getaway Car, Speak Now, Red, Begin Again, Haunted, Back To December and All Too Well IN PARTICULAR that took me by surprise. It's fair to say that I'm officialy a swiftie.

I'm a big swiftie and although I'm only 13, I've loved Taylor Swift since I was 8 and I've been to her concerts. Even just relating to her songs thinking of ten-year-old crushes, some of those boys I liked for a very long time before they hurt me and Taylor helped me through that. Her songs are just so catchy and meaningful.

Her songs are absolutely amazing! Her music is filled with beautiful lyrics, magical vocals and meaningful messages that younger listeners (maybe even older) can take with them through their lives. She sings about things that most people can relate to and I feel a very strong connection to her music. Her music perfectly describes her emotions and many different situations. She might sing about an excruciating breakup, a crazy, insane relationship, the joyous tale of a love she had with a boy, her family or her friends. She could sing the words on an intruction manual and it would still sound incredible! Whether she's singing one of her beautiful country songs with her guitar or she's singing one of her cool pop songs with a great beat, her lyrics, her voice, everything is just flawless.
In short, Taylor Swift's music will take you on an emotional journey.

Her songs are meaningful and she puts her true emotions into her songs. It's almost like you're listening to a story or watching a movie. They are genuine and written from the heart. The lyrics are extremely relatable and they tell us that things like breakups and unrequited love also happen to others and that we are not alone. And she can rock both country and pop music. Either way, her songs never lose meaning. Her songs have helped many people, including me. They take you on a journey and make you miss people and feel things you've never felt before. She has an extremely rare gift and she definitely does it justice.

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2 She is a great role model

I can't don't even know where to start! She doesn't say bad words, kids love her, she visits children hospitals, her lyrics are meaningful, she doesn't act like Miley, etc the list goes on and on and on! She's friends with different celebrities and not just Selena. And in her songs there is always a secret message, you just have to listen carefully. She gives great advice and spends time with her cat, Meredith, has time for her band and her real best friend, Abigail. She teaches kids that not everything in life is pure gold. You have to work up to your dreams to accomplish it a
Everything takes effort. Plus, she doesn't rub it in to everyone that she owns three houses and has more fans. Oh, and one more thing, she doesn't mind throwing fund raisers!

She's the only today's good pop.

Taylor knows that there are little kids watching her videos. She doesn't say inappropriate words, she doesn't do drugs, and she acts as nice as possible around them. Taylor is a great role model!

Even Bieber's mother says so, along with Selena. She doesn't do drugs, drink, swear or take nudes. - forever13swiftie

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3 Her personality

She is kind, willing to stand up for herself, strong, compassionate, funny, talented and loads more. Taylor Swift is a true inspiration and it annoys me to no end how she is constantly bullied and insulted. Taylor swift deserves more - people shouldn't call her a snake

She doesn't get into a lot of trouble. She doesn't let anything bother her. I wish I could meet her.

She is so unique. I really wanna be BFFs with her. - forever13swiftie

I love her personality. She is very humble

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4 She is a great songwriter

She is very sweet and she adds her personality to her songs. It doesn't make sense how people bully her for being the perfect person in everyway and her songs being fab!

Her songs have truthfulness and when you pay attention while listening your like right and so can relatr the songs with your life.. She is inspirational by just telling true stories with perfect stories...someone emotional would understand her songs with their obvious pensive thoughts...she is a very talented songwriter...i appreciate fans

True. Her lyrics are full of emotion, sadness, happiness, and all kinds of things. Also, she actually pays attention that children are listening so she doesn't really put inappropriate stuff

I love how she wrote songs and get ideas for some lyrics like romeo and juliet! - love story I can't believe she can even write a fairytale song

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5 She is so pretty

The most beautiful celeb in the world. Rather, the most beautiful woman. She wears fitting clothes, and actually wears them more than once. She dares to try on different clothing. Sweet - forever13swiftie

She's beautiful and I love her.

She looks really delicious. I'm a guy from India. I started listening English songs at the age of 14 due to only taylor swift. All too well, white horse, teardrops on my guitar are some of my favorite songs.

Come on people, Taylor Swift isn't just pretty, she is beautiful, talented and smart girl...

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6 She has an amazing voice

Shreya has much much better one!

Adele is better.

Its in the blood of a goddess like T-Swizzle

Accident ment to say yes she does. I love you taylor

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7 No alcohol or drugs

Gorgeous, anyone? The bridge is 90% dedicated to drugs.

This is the top reason I am her number 1 fan ever. She is never drunk and she is always ready for anything coming at her. She is the best.

Ok that is true. - MissRWBY202

Yeah me too. Taylor Swift is exactly my most favorite singer. She's clean.

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8 She acts her age

Unlike other singers, ariana grande, she acts her age and she is equally mature and the fun-loving Tay Tay that we know and love.

She doesn't act like Miley Cyrus and changing all of a sudden. And I love her song shake it off. It sticks to your mind

She doesn't act her age, but she does it in a mature way and that's what I like. It's tolerable, and she writes her feelings in a song. - MissRWBY202

Tay says that she doesn't need blonde hair when she's 60. True. She is now 22, and she acts like it, not pretending to be some person that isn't her. - forever13swiftie

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9 She gives great advice

She gave lots of advice to Selena about her boyfriend! - forever13swiftie

Taylor gives her side of being a big sister whose responsible and independent not only to her own brother also to her friends who she treats as her siblings and also to her fans and the people who love her who treats like a family too.

No one likes Jelena anyway so I would say "well done Taylor Swift, you helped prevent your BFF from becoming extremely unpopular"

They broke up for a reason. Justin was a jerk.

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10 Unlike the other stars, she still has songs about feelings and emotions, not only sexual, alcoholic, fake, dumb songs

God I swear she's the best! No more stupid hoes like Nicki Minaj, Kesha, etc. She's so inspiring and beautiful. And let me tell you something:SHE'S THE BEST IDOL A PERSON COULD EVER HAVE! And stop the hate. SWIFTIE FOREVER!

Oh. Come on. Paramore? Bruno Mars? Casey Lee Williams? Adele? - MissRWBY202

Her songs are so true and innocent and emotional enough to be chart toppers that they won't need to be about sex and drugs. Her pureness in her life and her songs is what makes her special. I'm from Hong Kong :-)
Her lyrics are fascinating, it's real fun to interpret the hidden messages and the hidden meanings.
You Belong With Me, Dear John, Love Story, Fearless and Mine are my favorites! Especially FEARLESS!

As much as I want it all to be true, I sometimes fail to see the goodness in her lyrics... Anyway she is thousand times much better than the likes of Rihanna, Beyonce... Etc

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The Newcomers

? She is a record breaker

She broke many records in music industry. She is the only artist to won album of the year twice in The Grammys.

Her Reputation Stadium Tour becomes the highest selling tour in U.S history.

She is the most awarded female artist in American Music Awards.

She is the youngest artist to win the album of the year in The Grammys.

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11 She's talented


Anyone who says she is a bad singer is kidding themselves. Even if you don't like her she is still a gods singer!

She really is talented.. Everything that she does inspires me.. I know that I am her biggest fan ever! I love you Taylor..

Taylor is so talented she can write lots of songs in like a week and if I try to write songs in a week I would still be on my first song.

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12 She broke up with Harry Styles

I think that saved her career and also saved pop music a bit.

She knows the real personality of him: he does not love anyone, he loves himself only

If she married Harry styles, it would Change her music career. She would be singing the "story of my life."

I'm glad she didn't marry him! - funnyuser

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13 She is compassionate and generous

She really are. Donating a lot of charities in America very generous

When I was in third grade ( this is the story of how I first heard her music. ) my teacher showed us a vidieo on Taylor swift and it was a bulling video on not bulling and how to catch a bullie, she was actually in the video. She took time out of her day to help kids. I am her NUMBER 1 FAN.


You hear how generous she is every time anything bad happens.
Anywhere from donating to flood reliefs, to donating books, to giving a fan $90 dollars on their B-day after finding their plan was to eat at chipotle.
She’s generous in the way she treats her fans, allowing them in her house and letting them have secret sessions (pre-release album listening parties).

She’s generous in the way that she opens up and gives us her emotions and feelings and thoughts. I can’t tell you how many times I needed an emotional outlet and her heart was always there"through her music.

She understand karma and that what you give you also receive, but that’s not why she does it. She does it because she had a good heart and she shows it all of the time.

Thank god for Taylor Swift.

14 She ignores the haters

I love that Taylor swift is so good at ignoring haters because not many people can do that

One amazing thing about Taylor is she doesn't let the haters get to her. Some people think that they have the right to say horrible things about her because they don't like her, her music, her style, her hair, or whatever. They're people who just don't have anything better to do than try and make Taylor feel upset. Newsflash! She doesn't care what you say. She knows that she is talented and the bad things people say about her are not true. She just shakes it off! GO TAYLOR!
"Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." Dr. Seuss

Oh really? if she does, then why did she make the song 'look what you made me do'? - StayAlive


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15 She is still very close to her family

Taylor is the only artist I know that is always connected with her family, and I love that about her.

WOW! Now that I read 13 I am crying!

She never lose her communication which teenagers need now of these days.which I also admire about her I LOVE YOU TAYLOR SWIFT FOREVER AND ALWAYS

16 She is so friendly and nice

Taylor Swift has lots of friends. She's nice to everyone, unless they are mean to her. - forever13swiftie

Taylor Swift is a lovely kind person and that is why she has so much friends and fans.

She is a complete douchebag. maybe psycho?

It's a shame that she votes for Donald Trump and the Republican party, as she is friends with people such as Ruby Rose and Cara Delivene, who are lesbian. And Republicans don't like lesbians. She also just wants money, even though she has a net worth of $200 million, which is more than we all dream, and pleads big companies like YouTube, Spotify and Apple for more money. She is in a feud with so many big artists, like Kanye, Katy, Justin, Miley and more. And I am an ex-fan who liked her but then realised that she is messed up. I still like her music but her personality is horrible.

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17 She's smart

She is the smartest person I know and I amHER BIGGEST FAN.I LOVE TAY!

She is really smart #swifties

18 Her tours and the 13 hour meet and greet

Every tour is different, with something special. She sticks to her lucky number: 13, during the meet and greet. She even extended it because there are too many fans waiting for her. - forever13swiftie

19 She is loyal

Yes so loyal love her

20 She inspires people

Yay she my idol

The only reason I play guitar is because of taylor swift.

She really does she inspired me to want to write a song and because of her I want to be a singer I am her 1#FAN love you taylor

That's right she helps us by her songs to see we really are and that how special we are.and that we have different things to do and with that being unique is the best and for not to fit in for awhile will help us finding ourselves

21 Her quotes

"If you are lucky enough to be different, don't ever change. " "No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind. " - forever13swiftie

The prettiest thing a girl can wear is a smile and confidence

Her quotes are amazing. They are meaningful and they hold valuble lessons that I want to remember for the rest of my life. Taylor is very wise and I look up to her.

That is my favorite quote of her among all of my favorites.she really everything.Perfect roe model

22 She is sexy

Yes she is sexy but that should not be the reason to love someone! If anyone think that is the reason, I think they found the wrong person to love. Actually correction: Taylor Swift is SEXY from both inside out. BUT her inside is WAy sexier. I love Taylor Swift because of her personality, characteristics, sense of humor, kindness, and her werid funny moments AND THAT IS SEXY! Not her appearance!

That is not a reason to love someone.

She is sexy but not all the time because she knows that she is ROLE MODEL to kids, so her clothes must be modest. - BeaM456

Really? I guess not

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23 She's brave

She brave to write songs about her ex, even thought people critic negatively about it. - BeaM456

24 She plays guitar

Whoa, Bart Baker has a new rival!

And she's great at it!

You should see his Taylor Swift parodys! Ha Ha!


25 She expresses her beauty naturally

She shows her beauty in a dignified way. She wears proper clothes. She never shows herself of inappropriately.

26 She is a great human being

You're right


This was an unnessacary one. She is a great human being because of all the amazing things above this and below

so true

27 She humiliates every boy that broke her heart by writing hateful songs

Oh really? Its like she's not the only one peraon who wrote song from her experience. She never even dissed anyone. Really people you need to get a life. That's what makes her special. Writing from her experience that every youth and teen can relate. Not your idols that wrote songs about sex. Don't start with me.

No she doesn't. Not all her songs about boys.

To the person who said "she should write a song called maybe I'm the problem", what do you call Back to December? What about the line in IKYWT " so shame on me now "

She should write a song called "Maybe I'm The Problem".

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28 She has amazing taste in music

Yes so does

29 Her voice is deep
30 She loves her cats

I love cats! She does too so I just had to vote for this

I love Meredith and Olivia. - BeaM456

I love the fact that she is an animals lover 🐱


31 Taylor Swift isn't scared to be herself

She is who she really is, not who people want her to be
"Just be yourself, there is no one better"

32 She is so true

She writes almost all of her songs about true expirences. She doesn't have someone to write them for her.

33 She writes her own songs

And their on true things

She writes her own songs- and how many artists do that? When people doubted her songwriting skills on Fearless and her debut, Taylor Swift, she wrote the entire Speak Now album on her own. And a crap ton of people LOVE that album.

She also makes her songs relatable, and people actually want to listen to them. They aren’t all about guys, and that’s a lovely thing.

34 She's amazing

I feel the same way

35 She is down to earth

Even after so much high going she is still down to earth & does not show off

36 Her face is not full of plastic surgery

I'm glad her full body isn't full of plastic surgery

And I am very glad

37 She has a cat named Blaze

Um no she doesn’t

Blaze is my favorite video game charcater and taylor swift is officially the best singer - TwilightKitsune

38 She donates a lot of money to charity!

She is very generous and donates a lot of money to charity and hospitals!

She was voted most charitable celb!

39 She doesn't let her bony body bother her

I so agree with you

40 She experiments with her music

Experimenting is always good when you have a music career. I love when she tries new things. It's great that not all her music sounds the same. A lot of people were upset by her going pop but I think that her music has stayed beautiful and she should continue making all the different types of music she wants to make.

She experiments with different genres. Such as Haunted and 22. Can't wait for the next album!

41 She has personality
42 Her songs actually make sense

She is the best person or creature ever created by god so that in our bad times we can smile at her cute activities

43 She's accomplished a lot

Taylor has achieved so much in her career. Let's start off with the fact that she followed her dreams! When she was a kid, she dreamed of getting a record company and writing an album. Look at her now! She's won so many awards, people love her music and she's been through so much! Through her songs you can tell she's had some hard, emotional times, but she's still done so many amazing things! She won Woman of the Year Award(I think that's what it was called) and she was the youngest woman to recieve it at that time!

44 She is strong

So people don't like her, they make fun of her, they say she only writes songs about boys, SHE doesn't CARE. she still writes songs about boys and shakes off the haters. you go girl!

45 She can write killer tunes about anything or anyone
46 She dances really well
47 She still considers Selena as her BFF.

I don't like Selena as her bff. But what to do? Taylor likes her. Be concern Taylor. Love you.

Taylor loves her friends... Even Selena snob her, Taylor could careless. She sometimes would retweet or favorite Selena's tweets on twitter... And she follows her too!

I think Taylor deserves better

48 She's so professional
49 She is real

Duh! She's human! Off course she's real!

50 She loves her fans
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