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1 It's bad. It makes your own lists look good

I really don't get this list at all it's a list about nothing. - ZZDOORAL

That's true, BritGirl. Thank you!

Why the-Steven censor that word! - is BritGirl so "awesome"? No offense.

2 It stopped you thinking about your problems for the duration

Oh, gee, thanks for the reminder. There's so much wrong with the world, for God's sake! - PositronWildhawk

You may go back to them now... - Britgirl

Great, just remembered, I have homework.

I love your comment here Britgirl. - moonwolf

3 It making you smile at least
4 :-D It has a happy face

Nothing better than a good old HAPPY face. Right!? - istooduptoabully

5 For no other reason than you love it!
6 There's not another list like it

I know. Profs: It's created by the creativity of BritGirl. This is a funny and unique list - BlueDiamondFromNowhere

7 It's winking at you ;-)
8 It loves you!

Oh, I love the list and even more the creator of the list! - keyson

I need some love. - happyhappyjoyjoy

... For paying attention and voting on it. - Britgirl

9 It doesn't mention Justin Bieber

Oops... You could've said the worst singer ever. - funnyuser

Urm... Well, that's the only time! Sorry... - Britgirl

You just mentioned that bitches name (Justin Bieber's) - abhishah901

10 You can hit that button ----------------------------------->

Hit the button! It's awesome! - funnyuser

I hit the vote button - Gamecubesarecool193

I hit the button! - hurjelert


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11 It's a nice list
12 It's created by the famous Britgirl

Duh! That's what makes this list so funny! It's by the legendary Britgirl! - ArpstaAmy333

13 It Doesn't Mention Ebola

That's not strictly true, is it? - Britgirl

14 It has spelimg erorz
15 It doesn't make any logical sense

I like things that don't have any sense at all. - funnyuser

16 It's not a real list
17 It's ironic
18 It Doesn't Mention Anime

Whats so bad about anime? - PeyPeylist

19 It Has Lots Of Capitalization
21 Britgirl wrote it
22 It doesn't mention the worst music artist
23 It doesn't mention the crappiest show ever
24 It looks mind-bending
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